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Just another Stormy Day for Sydney Stormwater Engineers

Author: Louis Panagopoulos
by Louis Panagopoulos
Posted: Mar 22, 2019

The day is dark and gloomy. Clouds threaten overhead, instilling an ominous sense of doom when you try to look up. It’s going to be a messy, loud, and stressful day. That’s just because you’re applying for Sydney Water building plan approval, on your own. If you’d planned ahead then you’d have the right umbrella to protect you from the storm that’s about to unfold. Stormwater engineers are used to the rain. They know how Sydney Water operates, and how Sydney’s water operates. If you were engaging stormwater consulting from a Sydney specialist then you wouldn’t be fumbling in the dark and jumping at every boom. Instead, you could relax while the stormwater engineering experts go with the flow.

Civil engineering is not as simple as picking a plot of land and coming up with a pretty building to plonk there. Without a good water supply and effective stormwater engineering a building is both limited in its usefulness and poses potential a danger to a community. Water, and particularly stormwater, is a powerful and potentially destructive force. It’s a simple, vital substance that we all rely on. But it can be deadly when we don’t properly plan for a deluge. For instance, a property that is built below ground level is just inviting floodwaters in. Any work that is done to the terrain has the potential to alter natural water flows, potentially wreaking havoc in the event of a storm. If not handled with delicate care and forethought, then construction can lead to destruction.

As dangerous as stormwater can be, it’s the everyday for a stormwater engineer. They specialise in understanding how to build infrastructure with storms in mind. This involves designing stormwater drains to prevent or minimise the damage that storms can cause. However it’s more than that. When construction goes up, stormwater engineers should be consulted to predict how changes to the landscape and introduction of building masses could impact water flow, and be impacted by water flow. This helps ensure that both individual buildings and the community as a whole are properly protected from stormwater surges.

While storms will continue to buffet communities, stormwater engineers diligently work to establish appropriate storm buffers. What this all comes down to is that when you need Sydney Water building plan approval, you should engage a specialised stormwater consulting firm in Sydney. Sydney stormwater engineers understand the local application processes as well as they understand the application of stormwater. From design to completion, they will work through every step of the project. This ensures full compliance and effective construction solutions throughout the project. When you need to get through Sydney Water’s requirements, ensure sustainability, understand environmental impact, and meet community needs, a stormwater engineer is your hero. For these experts, another stormy day is just part of their daily routine.

Louis Panagopoulos is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers with over 36 years’ experience. His expertise are in civil engineering, stormwater management, and water engineering. To know more about stormwater engineering for Sydney, visit

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