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7 Tips to Become More Organized

Author: Ridhi Arora
by Ridhi Arora
Posted: Mar 22, 2019

Interestingly, blogger Matt Hutter did some math regarding the time lost just in searching for keys alone. He says that if you spend 1-2 minutes looking for them every day for a year, that’s over 20 hours annually—20 hours that you could have spent on something much more productive and enjoyable. Consider that it’s easy to misplace many other things besides your keys in the course of the year, and you’re probably looking at well over 20 hours of lost time. Time to get organized, then! Here are seven tips that will help you.

1. Write things down

Make a habit of keeping a notepad on a desk or in an area you often pass and use it to jot down everything you need to do (from paying a bill to sending a birthday card to a relative). I do this often, and although that paper gets filled pretty fast and can look somewhat overwhelming, it’s a big stress relief to transfer the tons of "don’t forget" ideas in my head to a place from which I know they can’t escape. I glance at the list regularly and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as I cross items off. It also helps to use a highlighter to circle tasks that are especially important, indicating that they should take precedence.

2. Use a go-to box

I’ve observed many people who regularly lose keys or misplace sunglasses. In fact, it’s not uncommon for get-togethers with my friends to involve one person who is late because they couldn’t find something on the way out. That’s where my go-to box comes in! It’s a box or basket that’s always kept in the same location and contains items I typically need on a daily basis, especially when I’m heading out. Keys, sunglasses, bottled water, and an umbrella are some of the items I keep there. This way, there’s no second-guessing. Everything is always in one place all the time, and I automatically toss everything in that basket as soon as I get home. Goodbye, last minute searching and scrambling!

3. Keep everything in its place

Sure, it’s easy to drape a coat over a chair instead of putting it on the coat hook, but you’ll find that your home will get messy in no time if you continue such habits. By putting every item where it belongs, you can save yourself time and frustration. With less clutter strewn about your house, your living space will be cleaner and you’ll always know where things are. Vitamins in the medicine cabinet instead of on the coffee table or earrings in a jewelry box instead of on a random dresser? Great idea.

4. Toss what you rarely use

It may seem wasteful to get rid of items around your house, but if you find that you never use the juicer that’s been gathering dust, consider parting with it. The same goes for clothes you purchased but have hardly worn, as well as piles of magazines. If it’s getting in the way physically and mentally, then it’s fair game. Staying organized means not worrying about the extra things that are taking up space in your life. Ask a friend if they want that juicer, or consider donating items to a church or thrift stores.

5. Delegate

If you’re someone who feels that you and you alone should take on the world, relax. You can only do so much, and sometimes taking on too many responsibilities can make you more unorganized—just the opposite of what you want. Delegate responsibilities by asking others to do their share of work, whether it’s at work or on the home front. That way, you can still manage certain tasks without feeling overwhelmed or imagining that nothing will ever be completed.

6. Resist the temptation of technology

In today’s times, it’s often hard to stay focused thanks to email notification beeps and the overwhelming urge to check social media updates. Scrolling through Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts is fun and relaxing, but if you do it too often then that’s time away from paying those bills or organizing the filing cabinet. Staying focused is essential to becoming more organized. If possible, keep your cell phone in another room or close the laptop when filing important paperwork.

7. Turn to experts

Sometimes life becomes filled with circumstances that interfere with your normal organizing efforts. In those instances, you may be interested in letting experts help. There’s the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) as well as numerous cleaning and organizing services listed in local newspapers. They offer professional tips and assistance to help you get back on track with ease.

Becoming organized may seem like a never-ending chore, but it doesn’t have to lead to a life of perpetual stress. Remember to put every item where it belongs, resist checking your phone all the time, and write things down. You’ll have a great system in place before you know it.

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Ridhi Arora is a weight loss success story who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. including the posts on her own site, My Health Care Tips

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