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5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Aging Loved One

Author: Rachael Geiger
by Rachael Geiger
Posted: Mar 23, 2019
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In the golden years, some seniors lose their independence and feel depressed because they are unable to work or diagnosed with an age-related disease such as Parkinson’s, stroke, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Seniors may not feel motivated enough to work as they used to in the previous years and lose motivation to live a healthy life at home. If your elderly loved one needs motivation to lead a happy and healthy life, Lehigh Valley, home care providers have shared 5 exceptionally simple ways to motivate and encourage seniors.

1. Suggest Few and Achievable Goals

It can be easier for seniors to accomplish a few simple tasks one at a time instead of mixing up their routine. For instance, if your loved one refuses to take a shower you can suggest him or her that personal hygiene is important and he or she can take a bath once in every 2 days. Seniors who want to stay physically active can perform light-weight exercises or do yoga thrice a week if exercising every day can take a toll on their health. Many seniors don’t feel the urge to get up and start doing house chores so it is necessary to break down their routine to make it achievable.

2. Promote Affirming Self-Identity

Seniors feel socially isolated and depressed in the golden years. You can make your loved one happy or excited by taking him or her to their favorite restaurants or visiting time together in the park. Make a memory bag for seniors where they can put everything ranging from high-school pictures to souvenirs and gifts for reminiscence. Motivate your elderly loved one to write his or her autobiography or collect past pictures which can put a smile on their face. To boost your loved one’s confidence, travel with him or her often.

3. Encourage Technologies

Social media can be used as a motivating tool for seniors who live alone at home and need emotional support. Buy a laptop or smartphone for your elderly loved one who feel lonely and have limited mobility so he or she can talk to his or her close friends or long-distance relatives. Many video calling apps such as Skype can allow seniors to call and see their family members to check what they are up to. Seniors cannot replace the face to face communication by interacting on the internet, but it can be helpful if they are unable to visit their friends often.

4. Boost Sense of Usefulness

Losing independence or freedom to go anywhere can be traumatizing for seniors. Family caregivers can assist their loved one to accomplish daily chores so he or she doesn’t feel powerless or dependent on you. Speak to seniors before making a decisive decision, include them easier tasks like cutting vegetables, or talk to them on personal matters. Seniors might not be active enough to do everything on their own so offer a helping hand if you think they are not able to perform certain tasks.

For respite or round-the-clock home care, Lehigh Valley seniors can greatly benefit with the help of a trained caregiver.

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