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Safe & Stylish Glass Sheets Ideas For Sunroof Setup At Home

Author: Rosie Bagley
by Rosie Bagley
Posted: Mar 23, 2019

Modern homes have many additions that make them look unique and stylish. Having sunrooms and skylights in the modern home is a great idea that enables natural light to get into the house. Sunroofs and skylights are known to improve the energy efficiency of a home by reducing electricity consumption by a large percentage every day. When using artificial lighting to illuminate a room, it may be too costly to many homeowners. For this reason, it is often advisable to have a skylight or sunroom that can allow as much light as possible. These features in a home are made using plastics or glass to make them more efficient. Traditionally, sunrooms could be made from wood whereby a door was cut in the roof, and it could be opened when necessary to let in light into the house. Due to development of design techniques and application of creativity and innovativeness, many materials can be used in the construction of skylights and sunrooms; most sunroofs are made from clear glass that is durable and resistant to different weather conditions. When you are looking forward to upgrading your roof with a sunroom, you ought to understand the best glass type to use. Using wrong glass materials can result in losses for you if they are not durable or of high quality. This article explores the different safe and stylish glass sheets that can be used for the construction of sunroofs and skylights to make them look stylish.

Tempered Laminated Glass Sheets

Tempered glass sheets are made using technology that makes them hard and resistant to extreme temperatures. With the invention of glass production techniques in the 21st century, there is a high rate of production of tempered glass which has also gained popularity in the construction industry. This glass is resistant to extreme temperatures during both summer and winter. During the winter season, the temperatures are too low, and they can cause the contraction of glass which results in cracking. Also, during summer the temperatures are too high which could either result in cracking and breakage of the glass. With this glass type, it is not possible to experience these problems at any one time.

They are most preferred for the making of sunroofs in modern homes due to these features. Mostly, when the laminated glass is added between the tempered glass types, it becomes more secure and not easily damaged. Sometime, you may have a sunroom that may be a point of weakening security within your home. Having a sunroof is only meant to help you allow more natural light into your home. Therefore adding a layer of lamination is better since you don’t want to create a weak point for intruders to get into your home.

Laminated Glass Sheets Laminated glass sheets are best known for the level of security they offer within a residential or commercial structure. When you need having natural light into your home as well as having improved security that is burglar proof, using laminated glass for the skylights can be a great idea. This glass is made from two glass layers fitted together and a polyvinyl layer added between the panes. The plastic polyvinyl layer is more secure and provides more stability and durability to the laminated glass. Skylights that are made from this glass sheets are more popular compared to when they are made from tempered glass alone. The benefit of having the laminated glass sheets is that they allow more light to pass through as well as provide improved security for your home. Acrylic Glass SheetsAcrylic glass sheets are popular due to their lightweight. Acrylic glass sheets are lightweight and can be easily used to make a skylight. When a skylight is made from acrylic glass sheets, the house becomes more elegant and flashy. These glass sheets are also efficient in allowing natural light to pass through them. They are more energy efficient than the standard type of glass which is heavier and does not allow as much light to pass through. Frosted Glass

Most people would not prefer having frosted glass used to construct a skylight for their homes. However, frosted glass can offer more privacy while still allowing light to pass through into your living room. Having sufficient light to minimize energy consumption within a home is what is required of a sunroof. When you need ensuring that you have sufficient light that is not harmful to you, you can go for the frosted glass type for the construction. Usually, the frosted glass does not allow for direct sunlight to come through it. Thus, it protects individuals who might be directly below it. The anti-glare feature of frosted glass makes it popular among many people in modern society. When you need to create a flashy and elegant sunroof, you can introduce frosted glass which will transform your living room and the look of the house as a whole.

Tinted Glass

You may not want direct sunlight hitting your living room directly. You might sometimes need to filter some of it out and only have little of the light entering your home. This way, you may find it useful to include tinted glass as part of the decoration. The decoration of sunroofs with tinted glass is one of the most modern techniques which are used to make homes look elegant and classy. Tinted glass is mostly black but can come in different colors according to the specifications of the homeowner. However, when buying the tinted glass for the sunroom, you should ensure that you buy the hardened type which will help you create a better living room and an elegantly looking home.

Colored Glass

Colored glass is another popular glass type that can be used for the construction of stylish and modern sunroofs. When you need creating a colored, attractive beam entering into your living room from the roof, you can opt to use the colored glass type. The painted glass can come in different colors depending on the preferences of the homeowner. The colored type of glass also helps to reduce the effects of direct sunlight on people who have skin reactions. Direct sunrays can also cause skin irritation or skin cancer. With this, you need to ensure that you select a suitable color which is attractive in your home. This means that if you have to use colored glass for your skylight, you have to ensure that it matches the interior of your home. This way, you will enjoy a better decorative view of your living room among other areas in your home.

In conclusion, modern homes should be decorated to look elegant and classy. When you are in need of introducing a sunroof into your home’s roof, you need to ensure that you buy the right type of glass that will make the house stand out from the rest. This way, many visitors will be interested in and attracted to both your interior and exterior designs. Most individuals fail to check the type of glass that they use for the skylights which make them suffer losses due to their short durability period.

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