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Weight Loss After Pregnancy - How To Get Back In Shape, The Healthy Way

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Mar 20, 2019
after pregnancy

Weight gain is a different concept for each and every woman. How much you gain depends mainly on genetics and the lifestyle you choose to live. Pregnancy adds a whole new dimension to the weight gain game. During pregnancy, the average woman will gain between 25 and 30 pounds, half of which will be shed during labor. Many women become anxious about getting their body back. Some think about how to lose weight fast after pregnancy even before becoming pregnant. For easy weight loss after pregnancy, there are some essential steps that you must not miss.

When To Start A Weight Loss After Pregnancy Program

Most weight loss after pregnancy programs focus on eating healthy and being active as the best ways to get that pre-pregnancy body back. Easy weight loss after giving birth is at times a mere dream that only 4 out of 10 women bring to reality. Experts say that many women try too hard, too quickly, wanting to do strict diet plans and excessive exercises that do more harm to their body than good. Most women become exhausted and discouraged and end up retaining the baby weight for a longer time.

Experts also advise that it’s best to wait until 6 weeks after the birth of your child before measures are put in place to start shedding body fat. The body needs time to naturally recuperate, as pregnancy and birth take quite a toll on the body. The main focus after giving birth should first be on resting, regaining enough energy and rebuilding your nutritional status.

Good Food For Body & Baby

When a woman is pregnant, she eats to support herself and the baby. After the birth of the child, most women will wonder how to lose weight fast. It is important, especially for mothers who are breastfeeding, to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. A healthy serving of fruits and vegetables is always a good place to start. These will provide the body with the necessary fiber and nutrients to help you feel full for longer periods of time. Coupled with this, keeping the body hydrated is also very important for weight loss after pregnancy, drink a lot of water as a dehydrated body is twice defeated.

Diets to lose baby weight should concentrate on smaller, healthier portions instead of extremely restrictive dieting techniques which increase cravings and are less likely to be successful. Informative sites, like Fit Mommies Club, are here to help new moms make better choices with regard to their postpartum diets. There is no hard and fast diet rule set specifically to lose baby weight, you have to find what works for you and your body. Do not go on a strict diet because your baby will be on that diet too. If you don’t eat enough calories, you will produce less milk which in turn provides fewer nutrients for your newborn.

The Breast Is Best – For Both Baby & Mommy

By popular belief, some women will be concerned about losing weight after pregnancy because they think they need the extra pounds to sustain a sufficient milk supply, this is not true. It has been proven that breastfeeding actually helps to reduce body weight. It is possible for a new mom to shed over 500 calories per day through breastfeeding, depending on how much milk she produces.

When a baby sucks on the breast of his/her mother, it helps to release a hormone known as oxytocin, which also reduces body fat surrounding the uterus. Breastfeeding uses fat cells stored in the body during pregnancy. This also helps with fuelling milk production to feed the baby.

Move It, Move It

Eating right is important, but nothing beats exercise. The best way of losing body weight after pregnancy is to exercise, but the first step is to start slowly and set realistic goals. It’s important to take things slowly and get enough rest. So make sure that exercising is a fun and easy weight loss after pregnancy strategy. You can even do it at home if don't want to go to the gym.

Always remember to take it slowly adding a little more variety each day. Light walking and pelvic floor exercise do wonders for weight loss after pregnancy. Many mothers made exercise a part of their pregnancy experience. It's no surprise they find it easier to get back in shape.

With all the exercising and eating healthy, getting some needed rest should also be a priority. A body that is sleep deprived finds it harder to shed weight. When the body is in a fatigued state, it produces cortisol which actually promotes weight gain. Studies have shown that mothers who get five hours of sleep or less are less likely to lose the baby weight.

Stay Positive And Keep Going

Mothers should always remain positive and true to their goals of losing weight after pregnancy. It is not easy, support should be there to help and encourage you along the way. Losing weight is a different experience for each individual, some will find it easier than others, so you should figure out what works best for you. Excessive dieting and exhausting exercises are not the right ways to start. Try your very best to live healthy by encouraging healthy habits.

Always seek professional medical advice whenever you decide to step up at the pace of your workout. Remember that it took nine months for you to gain that body weight and realistically, it will take a similar time for you to lose weight after pregnancy.

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