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Welcome the Hobie Kayaks to the World of Kayaking Sport

Author: Jason Verhoeff
by Jason Verhoeff
Posted: Mar 30, 2019

Kayaking is all about fun. So if you like kayaking or just having a good time, Hobie Kayak is for you. They believe in making kayak that are flat- out, live- fast, have fun and provides best top kayaks, and fishing kayaks.

How are Hobie Kayaks Different?

Hobie Kayakshave brought something brilliantly new to the sport of kayaking "Pedals". Each of the Hobie Mirage Sport, Classic, Oasis, Outback, Adventure and Outfitter models has Mirage Drive Pedaling System. It makes a kayak glide faster and further with less effort. All the Hobie kayak have a closed deck with self- draining scuppers and seat to keep you dry.

What is Hobie Mirage Drive?

Mirage Drive is a standard, which is a superb means of propulsion. They work much like penguin fins with surprising speed and ease. It is simple and easy to use. Your feet rest on the pedals and you pedal effortlessly, similar to a bicycle.

Merits of Mirage Drive:

  • The kayak is pedaled rather than paddled. Your legs are much stronger and it is easier to tour with this system than with paddle. You can go much further, faster and really is non-strenuous.
  • You stay dry as pedaling eliminates drips that you get from using a paddle. The Mirage is quiet and creates no splash.
  • It leaves your hand free for fishing, photography, or holding a drink. Purchase from the best
Hobie Kayak Dealer.

  • The Hobie mirage steering controls are positioned at arm's length, giving precise control of the kick up rudder. The control of the kayak is same as with a larger sailboat in one hand, tiller in the other.
  • The fins below the kayak act as keel, which helps you to sail the kayak upwind.
  • The Hobie kayaks have plug in cart to wheel it around and the fact that being rots molded polyethylene they are indestructible.

If 'pedaling' is the way, you want to explore the unexplored then you need to decide on which Hobie kayak model you want to go for.

  • Hobie Mirage Sport: It is the latest addition to the line of pedaled kayaks. It is geared more towards smaller individuals.
  • Hobie Outback: It is the 'SUV' version of the mirage designed for hands free fishing, hunting, photography and other on the water activities. It can handle any sized person.
  • Hobie Mirage Adventure: It is the fastest kayak in the fleet at 16' long. It can take you anywhere with comfort and style, with plenty of room for all your gear. It is exactly what you need for your adventure.
  • Hobie Mirage Outfitter: This two-person model is for those who prefer company, but also perfect for solo user.

Hobie Mirage Revolution: It is a hybrid as it has the speed of the adventure, utility of outback and maneuverability of the sport. It is easy to use, stable and has speed to get you to the best spots quickly.

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