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Why is Prague a Favourite Cosmetic Surgery Destination for British Medical Tourists

Author: Erika Nohejlová
by Erika Nohejlová
Posted: Mar 30, 2019
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Stress, smoking, genetics, and your lifestyle choices will show up on your face irrespective of how much expensive cosmetics you use to prevent signs of ageing. Today, with several proven cosmetic surgery options available, you can easily get rid of jowls, smile lines, and wrinkles - which are the after-effects of the aforementioned factors. Do you know a facelift surgery can make you look younger than your age! Although most of us would like to reverse this ageing process, still we may not want to do it due to the high costs involved. What is the alternative? Going abroad for medical procedures or medical tourism is a popular alternative. Cosmetic surgery abroad has emerged as one of the favorite options among people in Europe, especially among the British people. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) suggests that people can save at least 40-80% on cosmetic surgery procedures abroad.

Today, many destinations in the Central and Eastern Europe offer cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. Prague has emerged as the best place for plastic surgery abroad among the British. Do you know why? This post gives away answers.

It All Started During World War I

Do you know how long plastic surgery has been practiced in the Czech Republic? The answer is since World War I. During the war, two doctors from the Czech Republic - Arnold Jirásek and Frantisek Burian used plastic surgery to treat soldiers with burns, harelips, and severe facial injuries. Later, they used plastic surgery to treat little children with severe facial disorders.

In 1932, the Czech Republic acknowledged plastic surgery as a key branch of medicine. Also, it was among one of the first countries to make plastic surgery a licensed medical procedure. No wonder, it has emerged as one of the best places for plastic surgery abroad.

Many Czech surgeons have earned recognition worldwide for their contribution to various disciplines of plastic surgery. For instance, Bohdan Pomaha? and his team are credited for the successful facial transplant in the US.

Accessible from London and other Major European Cities

The Czech Republic is in Central Europe, and is accessible from London and all other major European cities through low-budget flights. For those seeking cosmetic surgery abroad, especially in Prague, and don’t know how to proceed, there are several healthcare providers in the city to help you. They will not only deliver you the treatment but also take care of your accommodation, and sightseeing, once you reach Prague.

Innovative Technologies and Qualified Professionals

Cosmetic surgery abroad in Prague has become a popular search term in Google in recent years. One of the main reasons being the innovative technologies adopted by Czech surgeons. Several Czech medical scientists were at the forefront of key medical innovations. For instance, Otto Wichterle created the first contact lens using a hydrophobic gel, Antonín Holý invented Drug Truvada - the best medicine available for treating AIDS, and so on. The highest standards adopted by medical research centers, advanced methods of diagnosis, and utilization of the best medical devices and follow-up care provided by Czech cosmetic surgery clinics make them appealing among foreign tourists. In addition to this, many cosmetic surgeons are registered with the British General Medical Council, and are only allowed to operate after several years of training.

The Highest Standards of Medical Care

The Czech Republic has established some stringent monitoring systems for improving the medical standards in the country. Additionally, there several stricter parameters to access and evaluate the medical procedures and patient safety ensured by hospitals. Many medical centres in the country are accredited by international organizations. These accreditations focus on safety measures adopted by hospitals and quality of medical care provided to patients.

All these factors make Prague an attractive cosmetic surgery abroad option and give more than one reason to treat it as a perfect medical care destination.

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Erika Nohejlová is a Senior Patient Coordinator at Prague Medical Institutes. She has been in this position since 2010. Visit Website

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