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What Is an Initial Coin Offering and Why Is It Popular?

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Mar 27, 2019

We live in a time when everything is revolutionized. This includes the way people pay for things and invest their money. One of the biggest changes in this field is, of course, the appearance of digital money.

The likes of cryptocurrencies and tokens have taken the world by storm. And it won’t be long before they completely take over. But until this happens, you should be well aware of some crucial terms and processes like the initial coin offering or ICO. This is a brand new addition to the financial market that serves its purpose of collecting funds just fine.

So, are you ready to discover the meaning of it as well as where it derives its popularity from? Then, let’s go!

ICO - Basics

In its base, an initial coin offering represents a modern way of getting the needed funds in the form of digital cryptocurrencies and tokens. It operates like crowdfunding but without regulations and specific rules, which is why many people are still skeptical of it.

Yet the truth remains that new businesses and start-ups begin to utilize ICO as their main source of obtaining funds required for doing their job. Since its first appearance in 2013, it only seems to be growing.

If you ask yourself how ICO works know that it includes selling of tokens and through them making an investment in a certain business. However, in order to invest their money, people need to be convinced of your business’ potential to address the problems in the society.

ICO whitepapers serve for this purpose. They are documents that enable you to write openly about your experience in your field and describe how your products and services can help others and the community. Only bear in mind that it should be written professionally and carefully with all relevant details that are previously checked.

Why Is ICO Popular

Today when technological advancements are all around us, it’s obvious why a new and easy way for investing money in a business is popular on the financial market. Not only does it make the investment process faster but they are very effective and more people can join than the physical investment events.

Aside from this, it gives the business a chance to present itself and its offerings in a creative way through white papers, publications, and other documents published on the Internet.

Aside from this, ICOs help you develop professional and fruitful relationships with your customers and get to know them better when they leave their personal details on a special whitelist designed before the ICO project commences.

ICO - Concluding the Subject

All things considered, it’s nice for every business to try launching an ICO project to gather the needed funds. It provides many benefits and most importantly connects you with your investors. So, try it out and let us know how you fared. Was it successful or you have any improvements in mind for next time? Talk to us here in the comments and join the discussion.

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