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The Coming World War Would Be The Second Coming

Author: Jenifer Whitmire
by Jenifer Whitmire
Posted: Jun 11, 2014

It is clearly stated in the Bible that Jesus said, the time is near. But if you look back on the days, it has been two thousand years since that statement has actually been delivered. If you look at the evolution of time, you can see that the world is turning completely different. If you are a historian, you will see the height of the gap left from the past to this modern time.

There are certain phenomena that are said to take place. Some of those are predictions like a comet is approaching the earth, predictions about the exact date of the end time and many more. Add to that the catastrophic events that happen frequently due to the climate change and other man made disasters. With this, one would be able to ask when will be the second coming.

With this, people read and read a lot in order to know more. But instead of knowing others get confused of the terms being used. Some of which are the most common words associated to the second coming which are rapture and apocalypse. The dictionary implies that rapture is a joyous occasion, something far from the usual connotation of the end times.

During the second coming, there will be two things that will take place and rapture and apocalypse has something to do with it. There will be a feeling of both joy and fear and they are felt by two different groups. Those who remained faithful until then will feel the the overwhelming joy and those who made fun of the Lord will tremble in fear.

This is how it would go. According to the studies of the experts, the second coming will proceed as follows. First, Jesus comes to goes down to the earth to the clouds, and those who stayed faithful to him will rise to the clouds to meet him together will those who died in him. This is called the deliverance and all those who saw him will be filled with joy.

This is the fulfillment of the said promise. Those who remain faithful to me will see my face, sayeth the Lord and they will be filled with joy. This is the hope of every faithful who aim to persevere until the end. They are rewarded with internal peace and joy and they are given eternal life. It is a kind of joy not known on earth.

Now, after that will be the destruction of the planet. All the predictions given in the Revelation will take place. The ball of fire approaching the earth as the comet, the attack of the evil as the rise of war and the dominance of an evil scheme. There will be earthquakes, tsunami, lightning, thunder, and flood, and everything will be destroyed. This is the scene of an armageddon or apocalypse.

This is the end of everything. Jesus will get rid of all the darkness and establish the new city dressed as a bride. It will become the paradise of all who were successful in their struggles with evil.

So that is the difference of the two terms. They are very much different but they are way past each other. It is only their link to the occurrence of the second coming that they have been confused. But if you ever get confused again, just think that they are opposite in meaning. This is only one of the facts for the topic when will be the second coming.

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