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What Are Some Of The Most Important Gardening Tips That One Should Remember While Choosing Gardening

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Mar 30, 2019
container gardening

Container gardening is an excellent way of being able to garden in small apartments or homes that have no yards. Additionally, plants in containers can be used to enhance your garden, porch or patio. They offer great versatility as they can be moved to suit, and the containers themselves can add to your outdoor decor. Here are seven great tips that will allow you to get the most out of your container gardens.

1. Use Good Quality Containers With Wide Openings For Best Results. Cheap plastic containers can deteriorate in sunlight, and wooden ones can rot over time so you might consider ceramic pots for better durability. Clay pots are good too, but they are very porous and can absorb a lot of water so be sure to check the soil often if you use a clay pot container.

  1. Drainage Is The Key - Standing Water Will Encourage Root Rot. Make sure your container has holes in the bottom and add some marbles or stones at the bottom too. Make sure the holes are about a ½ inch, and you can line the bottom of the container with newspaper or burlap to keep the soil from seeping out.
  2. When Container Gardening, You Want To Have Good Soil To Provide Nutrients To Your Plant. Also, you want a loose mixture that will allow the water to be distributed evenly throughout the entire ground base as this will help with even root growth.
  3. Most Container Plants Should Have Around 5 Hours Of Sunlight Each Day And May Need To Be Watered Daily. Be assured that the soil is moist and not wet. To test this, stick your finger down into the soil - is it dry down deep? Then it needs water.
  4. Container Size Depends On What You Will Be Growing. Vegetables Are Going To Need Big Deep Pots. Depending on the amount and size of plants you will have in the container, you want to choose containers that are somewhere between 15 and 120 quarts.
  5. Hanging Baskets Are Great Garden Containers, But You Have To Keep A Close Eye On The Soil As They Can Tend To Dry Out. One way to help is to line them with sphagnum moss since this will contribute to keeping water loss down. Also, you should try to move them out of the direct afternoon sun if possible.

If you want to know more about the tips which will assist you to successfully container gardening, you can always look out for dino decking find out more. They offer great versatility as they can be moved to suit, and the containers themselves can add to your outdoor decor. Check them out, and your passion for gardening will be well assisted.

When placing your containers in arrangements, always use different size containers and odd numbers of them. For some reason, a grouping of 3 or 5 containers will look much better than 4. If you are putting them on a hard surface like cement or wood, place them up on bricks or blocks to help with drainage.

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