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The significance of fruits in the light of the Holy Quran

Author: Ady Grewal
by Ady Grewal
Posted: Apr 04, 2019
month ramadan

Certainly, Allah (SWT) has blessed immense natural foods on the earth for the good survival of man. Yet, in the Holy Quran fruits are richly described in different verses. Today in the medical field the nectar of fruits has tremendous significance and is used in plenty of medicines to cure the body of a man and other species as well. Since fruits have rich ingredients which are very useful for health, so that’s why the Prophet of Allah (SWT) always suggested the dates regarding health improvement. "If someone eats seven Ajwah dates in the sunrise, so magic or poison will never hurt him the all-day".

If you get an opportunity to perform Umrah through any Hajj Umrah Package 2020 UK, so you must come back with Ajwah date which every Muslim has a keen desire to eat it. A massive amount of pilgrims make sure their arrangements in the month of Ramadan as they grasp the means of this sacred month because Allah (SWT) bestows His sanctifications upon the earth throughout the Ramadan. Moreover, the Holy Quran was started to reveal in this holy month, thus Allah (SWT) much likes Ramadan rather than common days. Since all the bad spirits are arrested and put into the dungeons in the month of Ramadan, so there are very fewer chances to astray the man into wrong ways.

As pilgrims are in the compassionate state for the duration in the sacred month of Ramadan, so Allah (SWT) surely accepts their pray and regards with huge reward even equal to Hajj. Once Allah’s Apostle asked a woman why she had not performed the Hajj with her family, so she replied that her family had only two camels in which one was set for the journey of Hajj by her husband and son while the second one was being used for domestic essentials.

At that, Allah’s Apostle suggested her to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan to make the virtues equal to Hajj. So, if you want to get the Hajj’s equal reward, then Low Price Ramadan Umrah Package UK will increase your virtues. However, there are some conditions which pilgrims must have their knowledge. Therefore, before going to perform Umrah it is compulsory for pilgrims that they are not allowed to perform Umrah unless they fulfill their family amenities. Let’s see what the Holy Quran says about fruits:

  • Who has made the ground your divan, and the skies your shelter, and sent down rain from the blues, and brought forth therewith Fruits for your nourishment; then set not up allies unto Allah when ye know (the truth). (Surah Al-Baqara, 22)
  • Be assured we shall trial you with somewhat of dread and famine, some fine in goods or lives or the fruits (of your hard work), but provide pleased words to those who tolerantly persist, (Surah Al-Baqara, 155)
  • Does any of you wish that he should have a garden with date-palms and vines and streams flowing underneath, and all kinds of fruit, while he is stricken with old age, and his children are not strong (enough to look after themselves)- that it should be caught in a whirlwind, with fire therein, and be burnt up? Thus doth Allah make clear to you (His) Signs; that ye may consider. (Surah Al-Baqara, 266)
  • And it is He who extend out the gravel and set thereon peaks erect strong and (flowing) rivers: and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two: He draweth the night as a cover o'er the Day. Observe, certainly, in these things, there are signs for those who think through! (Surah Ar-Rad, 3)
  • By it, He yields for you corn, olives, date-palms, grapes and every kind of fruit, indeed, in this there is a sign for those who believe. (Surah An-Nahl, 11)
  • Through it We raise for you orchards of date-palms and vines, indeed in them have ye abundant fruits: and of them, ye eat (and have gratification). (Surah Al-Muminun, 19)
  • There will be fruits in them, and dates and pomegranates: (Surah Ar-Rahman, 68)

These are few verses of the Holy Quran which describe the worth of fruits, however, there are several other words regarding the importance of fruits. Thus, we should use hygienic fruits but not unhygienic.

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