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Considering Private Basketball Coaching: Melbourne Pro Tips to Improve Ball Handling

Author: Brett Rainbow
by Brett Rainbow
Posted: Apr 05, 2019

Ball handling is just one of the areas where you can benefit from private basketball coaching. Melbourne players can find that a personal basketball trainer will work on ball handling and any other weaker areas. However, there are some basic tips that can help you to make improvements.

Practice Dribbling

Basketball is faced paced, and without great dribbling skills, you’ll find yourself exposed. However, dribbling is vital when you need to control the ball. Ball handling is essential what you do or how you use dribbling. So, by practicing and improving your dribbling skills, you’re likely to improve your ball handling skills as an added benefit.

Fingertip Dribbling

Great ball control involves dribbling using the palm of your hand or your finger pad. The position is similar to how you hold the ball when you’re about to shoot. Fingertip dribbling will help you get open to shoot, drive the ball to the basket and open lanes for improved passing.

Pounding Harder

Pounding the basketball harder will not only help it faster return to your hands, but also provide you to have more control. It will also help you to practice dribbling without needing to look down, which is more like a game situation. You’re not likely to be able to clearly see the court and pass to teammates if your eyes are on the floor. It is vital to keep your head up during play as much as possible, which is a challenge for most players.

Lower Position

Lower positions during dribbling the ball will actually enable players to keep hold of the ball longer and allow the opposition shorter time with the basketball, creating less opportunity to steal it.

Practice Repetition

Practice does make perfect, particularly when it comes to ball handling skills. When you do hundreds of left pounds, right pounds, crossovers until you’ve mastered these techniques, you’ll find they come more naturally to you during play, particularly when you’re faced with a tough defender.

Watch Videos

Yes, you’ve finally got an excuse to spend time on YouTube! Watching videos will help you to not only learn the techniques, but pick up tips and tricks to make improvements to your ball handling skills. You’ll need to avoid flashy moves, as these don’t tend to work well in real world situations. However, there are lots of tutorials on various techniques that allow you to benefit from the expertise of experienced players, coaches, and trainers.

While all of these tips may seem basic, they are vital to build your ball handling skills. If you want to be the very best, you need to have a strong foundation of fundamental skills and techniques. Of course, if you’re serious about making improvements to your skills, it is worth considering coaching or a personal basketball trainer.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of private basketball coaching in Melbourne, Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is here to help. Our team of experienced coaches can offer a variety of training options to suit your skill level, age, and experience.

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Author: Brett Rainbow

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