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Inexpensive Spring Break Activities for Kids

Author: Natasha Lh
by Natasha Lh
Posted: Apr 02, 2019
spring break

Kids (and teachers!) start counting down the days until spring break as soon as the spring semester starts, but parents sometimes aren’t as enthusiastic! Take some of the hassle and expense out of spring break week with these ideas for inexpensive spring break activities for kids.

Spring break happens at different times in different areas, but it is almost always before or over the Easter weekend. Preparing for Easter can be a fun way to spend some time with your kids while they’re out of school! Something you may not have done before is make and decorate an Easter tree.

When I was a kid, we’d usually just use a branch stuck in floral foam in a pot. To make your branch a bit nicer looking, coat it with a layer of white spray paint. If you can’t find any good branches to use, look at the craft store for something. An Easter tree is small - not huge like a Christmas tree - so they’re usually placed on a tabletop.

Empty plastic Easter eggs make good tree decorations. Find the ones with a hole in one end so you can string them up! You can also decorate with blown eggs or even paper eggs. Download free printable Easter egg templates and coloring pages, have your kids embellish them, then turn them into tree ornaments!

More ways to enjoy spring break on a budget include:

Have a family game or movie night. Let your kids plan the entertainment and draw up a movie poster, advertisement, or menu. Make a big deal out of the experience by dressing up for the occasion. Younger kids will fee very important and love it!

Instead of watching a movie, invite your kids to put on a "show." They might want to create a play, magic show, concert, talent show, or make up some other entertainment. Turn preparation into an all-day activity by making sets out of old cardboard boxes and costumes. Costumes can be simple and inexpensive - clothes from your own closet are a great place to start! For more magical costumes, grab free printable star templates and use them to make a fairy wand, wizard hat, or other prop. Just like with movie night, your kids can make their own posters and programs and really make it a special event!

Make your own water park. It isn’t always warm over spring break, but if it is, you can make your own backyard water park! Instead of just playing in the hose or sprinkler, lay out a sheet of plastic (a plastic painting tarp is perfect) and run the hose down it to make a slip and slide. If you have a bit of a slope somewhere in your yard, make your slide there, but it can work with flat yards, too.

Check for free local events. Museums, libraries, and communities centers know when spring break is and may offer special programs or deals. Check your local event calendar to see what’s happening!

Have an outdoor scavenger hunt. Make up a scavenger hunt list or find one online then get searching! Keep things simple for young children, but make it tricker for older kids. For example, you could ask your little ones to find a flower, slightly older children to find a yellow flower, white flower, etc., and send even older kids to find specific flowers like a dandelion, azalea, dogwood, or whatever else is seasonal in your area.

Feed the ducks (or pigeons!). Grab some stale bread and head to a local park to feed the fowl! Little kids absolutely love feeding ducks, pigeons, and fish.

These inexpensive ideas for spring break activities will keep your sanity and budget intact while your children are home from school!

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Natasha is a certified high school history teacher and blogger at The Artisan Life where she shares her love of crafting and gratitude.

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