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Top Binding Services and Where to Find Them

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Apr 04, 2019
binding services

Many people deal with documents and papers all the time. Whether it’s for work, school, projects or anything else entirely, you surely encounter them all the time.

However, in order to make sure they are in order and easier to handle, they should be bound. It may not seem important at first but when you see piles of ordered papers with suitable binding on your table and when you start reading them, you’ll realize that you needed that in your life.

Are you ready to learn more about this topic and discover which binding services to look for and where to find them? Then, stay with us and let’s go!

Binding Techniques

When choosing a company to go to for printing and binding of your documents or books you should understand the binding techniques that are available. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for even before you enter the printing store.

More precisely, the top binding services and techniques are:

  • Spiral binding or otherwise known as wire binding - This one is the most commonly used for academic purposes or presentations. This is because usually a metal wire is used so that it can keep the whole piece together and be easy to read through. Not to mention that it’s done quickly and is very affordable, which is what students need. Usually, you can have up to as much as 150 pages connected with a wire binding.
  • Plastic binding - The main difference between this one and the previous one is the fact that here companies use plastic to keep the pages together. In most cases, this can connect various formats like A3 and A4 without any issues. What’s more, you can choose if you want a transparent cover for the first page and
firm cardboard on the back for extra security.

  • Binding with staples - As the name suggests, this technique uses staples to make sure the pages stick together. Only note that it can’t support many pages, which is why it’s used for shorter pieces like booklets, for one.
  • Glue binding
  • Screw binding

Of course, these vary and can be combined with other techniques but in general, they do the trick and leave you satisfied depending on what the piece is utilized for. The main things to keep an eye on are the price and the quality of the binding.

How to Find the Right Binding Company

It’s true that there are plenty of companies offering these services together with printing services. However, not all of them are legit and provide the best quality, which is why you should be very careful in your search. A few aspects that’ll show you who you are dealing with are other people’s reviews, the affordable price and which services it incorporates as well as the online presence and look of the site.

Yes, while you can encounter many companies on your way to work, in the era of the Internet it’s advisable to look for their website, as well. And if you want to search for your ideal binding services provider entirely online, you can always type keywords like ‘Binding London

  • or similar in the search engines and numerous results will pop up for you to explore.
A Final Thought

Now we would like to hear your opinion on binding techniques. Which one is your favorite? Is there a company you like and recommend? Share it all here with us.

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