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Amazing benefits of mystic topaz jewelry

Author: Emil Sipos
by Emil Sipos
Posted: Apr 09, 2019
mystic topaz

Mystic topaz was first seen and introduced to the population during Jewelry Fair in Hong Kong in 1998 by Azotic Coating Inc. They used natural colorless topaz gemstones and using their coating technology, coated those natural gems with thin titanium film in a process known as chemical vapors disposition. As a result, they created an amazing rainbow looking gemstones with deep, unusual and interesting color. This enhancing treatment of the stones is not permanent so you as a customer need to pay attention to your jewelry.

How to take care of Mystic Topaz jewelry

Considering that thin coating film is not permanent in order for your jewelry to keep that rainbow color over time, you need to take care of your jewelry. You should protect it from scratching, breaking, chipping and any other damage. In order to clean your jewelry with embedded mystic topaz stones, all you need to do is clean it with the soft cloth and soapy water. There is no need to use cleaning products for cleaning, although you may use those products. If you treat your jewelry properly, those coated gemstones should last you a lifetime.

Jewelry made from Mystic Topaz

Every imaginable piece of jewelry can be made from mystic topaz by embedding it into the jewelry. Thanks to its versatility you may find a huge number of interesting jewelry collections across the Internet. There are many online stores that sell necklaces, rings, pendants, and bracelets. Considering that topaz comes with a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is hard and durable but you should take care of it. It can be scratched and chipped.

Mystic Topaz Healing Properties

Topaz is a gemstone that is used in jewelry for thousands of years. During all that time, people believed that this stone promotes success, improves relationships and help with better communication and understanding other people. Since mystic topaz is regular topaz with a thin film coating, people say that there is no change in its properties. This stone is believed to provide strength, improves metabolism, slows down aging, improves blood circulation and treating different sorts of pain.

How to Determine the Value of the Gemstone

When talking about color, mystic topaz comes as a rainbow color gemstone that changes when you move it around. This characteristic sets it apart from other stones found in the marketplace. Depending on the quality of the stone used for coating, gems that are created have different clarity and luster. Gems with high clarity and with no inclusions that are visible by the naked eye are more expensive. Since this stone is very versatile it is fashioned in a huge number of different shapes so we may find them as round, square, heart, oval, and octagon-shaped stones. Best specimens are brilliantly cut since this shows off the quality of the stone.

Mystic topaz is around for 30 years now and since the day one people love jewelry made from this stone. There are many places where you can buy them. Make sure that you know your seller in case you need to replace the low-quality stone. Since this gem can be shaped in every possible shape I believe that you will find with ease exact one that you really like.

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