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A Guide to Designing Your Modern Kitchen

Author: The Maker
by The Maker
Posted: Apr 08, 2019

The kitchen is among the most important rooms in a home. It is a place where your family and guests often gather to socialize, relax, and eat. However, designing a modern kitchen requires hard work and perseverance as you have to consider things such as colours and layouts to come up with a masterstroke. Presented in this guide are innovative and forward-looking ways to modernise your kitchen and make it more delightful and fascinating to the eyes.

1. Think Of A Kitchen As Your Living Room

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of designing a modern kitchen is to think of it as an extension to your living room. In times gone by, kitchens were hidden away from a separate corner of the house to avoid the smell of garbage and smoke. Modern kitchens are now fully-furnished with potent and functional appliances that are built for comfort. In order to turn your cooking area into modern kitchen design, it is most desirable to put up armoire-designed appliances and sliding doors to make it more sophisticated.

2. Find The Right Kitchen Layout

A kitchen’s layout has everything to do with its total functionality. Whether you are working a tiny galley shape area or a U-shaped space, it is a must to determine the correct layout of your cooking area to come up with modern kitchen design. Among the most popular kitchen layout approaches in design is the work triangle method, which places the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove within approximately six feet to each other. While work triangles have been a primary staple in kitchen design, the idea managed to evolve to cater to modern requirements. With many homeowners having more space and appliances, kitchens have been utilized in a myriad of purposes than before, thus, making it more sensible to adopt versatile and task-specific areas.

3. Picking The Right Appliances

Another essential factor to consider in designing a modern kitchen is to choose the right appliances. Whether it’d be refrigerators, microwaves, or dishwashers, it is highly recommended to find materials will not only look sleek and fit your needs but are also energy-efficient and easy to use. Although stainless steel has been a basic choice of appliance finishes for years, more and more homeowners have opted to add a sense of creativity to their kitchens by inserting a burst of colour.

Advantages of a Modern Kitchen Design

1. It Makes Cooking Easier

Cooking becomes quicker and user-friendlier when you have a modern kitchen since it is packed with up-to-date and groundbreaking appliances.

2. It Unleashes Your Creativity

Modern kitchen design also allows you to show off your touch of character as it lets customise everything from colours to cabinets in order to harmonise with aesthetic and the interior design of your home.

3. It Provides More Space

A kitchen (modern design) is not only able to provide you with superior design and style but also more space to relax and spend time with your family and guests.

About the Author

Kitchen designs can be a confusing stumbling block. AT The Maker, we provide a professional kitchen design and manufacturing service. Our new kitchen designs are inspired by the best in contemporary European design.

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