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Life style and Colorectal cancer

Author: Mehak Ali
by Mehak Ali
Posted: Apr 08, 2019
bowel cancer

The causes leading to colorectal cancer are not understood properly. Lifestyle habits can associate with the development of bowel cancer. Some patients may have inflammatory bowel conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Just having one of these conditions for many years can predispose the patients to higher risk of cancer development. People who have exposure to radiation i.e. X-rays, CT scan, etc can result in the development of bowel cancer. This results from DNA damage by radiation.

Risk factors contribute to getting any kind of disease and it affects the chances of getting the disease. All types of cancer have different risk factors. But having risk factors does not mean that you will that disease. sometimes you did not have very known risk factors. Researchers found many risk factors for cancer and some of the factors are below.

Factors Contributed to Colorectal Cancer

Smoking is one of the strongest factors causing cancer. The risk goes up with a number of cigarettes smoked. It is the chemical inhaled during smoking which results in DNA damage (mutation), which becomes the cause of development of colorectal cancer.

Alcohol is another factor which causes bowel cancer. The product of alcohol intake "acetaldehyde" collects in cells which results in damage to DNA and start of the cancer process. One of the common factors predisposing to colorectal cancer is a genetic predisposition. So if someone has a first degree relative in the family, the chances of bowel cancers go high. The risk goes even higher with more than one family member especially in relatives with bowel cancer less than 45 years old.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can also increase the chances of developing bowel cancer. Some of them are diabetes, gall stones, and acromegaly. The exact mechanism for the development of bowel cancer is not known in this group. Obesity is also known to increase the risk of bowel cancer. Risk increase by 13% in these people. The exact mechanism of why it happens is unknown.

Usage of Red Meat

Excess of red and processed meat (beef or lamb) increases the risk of developing bowel cancer. The risk is about 1 in 5. The recommendation is to eat less than two sausages a day. Eating less fiber increases the risk of developing bowel cancer. In other words, eating high fiber is protective against developing bowel cancer. In summary, some changes in lifestyle can help reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer. Some of the bits of advice are eating healthy, high fiber diet, plenty of fluids intake (two liters) per day, eat vegetables and fruits every day, reduce weight and regular exercises help prevent bowel cancer to some extent.

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases and chronic stage of cancer leads to death. Patients having cancer faced lots of physical and psychological problems. So for the healthy life and in getting rid of cancer treatment and consultation with the experts is compulsory. The treatment of colorectal cancer on time is necessary and for the treatment, you can visit Marham-find a doctor for an appointment with the doctor.

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He has done masters in psychology. He worked with Federal ombudsman as a researcher and data analyst. Currently, he is working with Marham as a content writer. He writes on health issues with special focus on its psychological side

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