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How To Play Fantasy live Cricket Online?

Author: Nostra Gamus
by Nostra Gamus
Posted: Apr 08, 2019
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Fantasy sport is a phenomenal concept becoming a billion dollar industry. There is continuous innovation and development creating more choices for sports fans! Fantasy live cricket app and prediction games bring fans closer to the matches and their loved players. The game comes in all shapes and sizes – from picking team, answering questions to predicting Oscar winners. Fantasy and prediction sports games began as a niche hobby for statistically inclined sports fanatics. But, with the digital growth, it has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

However, given the large amount of controversy surrounding the game, many are still reluctant to join. The truth behind 10 of the most common myths is outlined below

T20 Cricket Fantasy Sports is based on luck.

Fantasy and prediction sport games are, yes, about predicting the outcome. However, the outcomes are rarely completely unlikely, like in a deck of cards. While playing cards it is more difficult to determine how likely an event is to occur. But, in sports we have stats on players, games, leagues and more, available to us. The more we know and learn, the better and more educated decisions we can take in our gaming. For example, it is known that Virat Kohli averages more than Rohit Sharma in ODIs, hence it more likely that Virat Kohli will score higher. Knowing this information makes the wiser a winner!

The game is only for Sports Fans

Who are sports fans? They are people who love or follow a particular sport, team or player. But these are not the only type of people who play fantasy and prediction sport games. These games started as a hobby for those with an interest in statistics and has grown to include sports fans, gamblers, athletes and more. There are many games available that will best fit you – you just have to find it!

Most sports cannot be played as a fantasy or prediction game.

Wether you are a kabaddi fan, tennis player or basketball addict, there is a fantasy or prediction game available for you! In fact, NostraGamus, India’s first sports prediction app covers all live sports that air in India. On this app you can predict kabaddi matches in India, tennis matches in Honk Kong or basketball games in the United States.

Fantasy Cricket and Cricket Predictions are only available during IPL.

Wrong! Many apps cover other domestic and international cricket matches. On most days of the year cricket is being played somewhere around the world! So you will always have a fantasy team to pick or predicitions to make.

You have to invest a lot of time and money.

One of the biggest developments from technology is more customized experiences for consumers. Besides just adapting to language, location and device, games also adjust for different people coming into their app. Developers know some people work 12 hours a day and don’t have the time to devote, and students are just barely getting by on pocket money. Many apps now provide applicable stats and info for you to make informed predictions. Moreover, apps also have the option to invest as little as Rs 5. Shop around apps like – Dream 11 and NostraGamus.

You will lose a lot of money.

You will only lose as much as you put in, and sometimes even less! Most apps come with a joining bonus or chances to win bonus cash. So you have the option to try out the game before investing cash yourself. Then, if you end up winning during the promo stage, you can use that to play more and bigger. There you go, a loophole! You don’t actually have to invest any cash until you are ready to do so.

The games are fake.

When choosing an app to play from it is easy to find out which apps are fake and which are real. Do some research and apply your common sense! Many of these apps may not be found on the app store – doesn’t debunk their genuinity. Some point to check the authenticity of your app is to check out the number of users or followers, these are votes of confidence for the app. Also, is it associated with any other well-establised app? If the apps have trusted payment gateway options then your most private information is secured. Then, do some research on the app, what are people saying? Likely you will get your answer there. But be sensible while inputting information and downloading apps, cybercrooks are out there!

Games are only available in English.

With the growth of digital technology people from around the world are connecting better. From small towns and villages to big cities everyone is coming closer together, and not everyone is going to come from the same culture or language. Hence, more apps and games are accomodating these differences. There are many apps available in different languages like Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Through a quick Google search you can find your preferred fantasy or prediction game and in your native language. NostraGamus I can say supports Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English!

You can only play on desktop.

As mentioned, technology has allowed developers to adapt more to the needs of their users. Most websites also have an app available on the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. So you can play any fantasy or prediction sports app anytime, anywhere!

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