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What are human allergies and how to get relief with it?

Author: Enquireus Dm
by Enquireus Dm
Posted: Apr 12, 2019
allergic dermatitis

Human body comes into contact with many things daily. Some of these things may be allergic. Allergy is actually the reaction of the body's immune system to these things. These elements are called antigen. Dust, particles, pollen, something to eat or occasionally sunlight can also cause allergies. Nearly anything can allergen and it can affect any part of the body. The skin is one of them.

Allergic dermatitis or eczema

Allergic dermatitis (eczema) is a very common disease. It can be of two types. Contact eczema and eczema (i.e. body reaction to any type of allergens like food items or dust etc.)

Different things can be proven to be an allergy to every person. Some people may have severe allergies from any kind of food such as congress grass or parthenium. But many more people can tolerate it easily. In every case it is difficult to check the allergens. Some things often cause allergic reactions. The moonlight grass is a very common allergenic thing, it is also because it is new to this country. Chandni grass had come to India with import of wheat from abroad in the sixties and seventies.

Allergy can be more or less due to time. It is also not necessary that a person is always allergic to any substance. If the substance is not allergic to anyone today, then tomorrow it can be allergic. Similarly, the thing that is allergic to the body today can also be closed allergy. Because at some time the body can learn to bear it. The problem of allergies can also be acute due to many other factors, and also occurring repeatedly. The seriousness of allergies is also different, and it can also be occasionally fatal as there is a lot of acute reactions on giving pencilline. Many medicines can have serious allergic reactions. Many vegetables can contain allergic dermatitis. Various flower pollen, brown dust, sunlight, insecticide medicines, food items and clothes are allergic to common things.

Therapeutic symptoms

Allergic skin dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin and it is usually very itchy. Many times, this infection may seem like dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis with infections can have guillions. Chronic dermatitis can make the skin thick and black. Allergic reactions can also occur and its seriousness also depends on many factors. Here are some types of allergic skin inflammation.

Artericaria - Urticaria

The condition of having red rash on the whole body and itching in it is called artericaria or urticaria. This can be a reaction to some medication or any other allergic reactions.

Seborrheic dermatitis

It is a disease in which some parts of the body begin to consume many oil substances. It occurs only in the skull, the face, the ears, under the breasts, between the shoulders, the hawks or the joints.

Eczema in newborns

It can be seen as a cavity on the face and trunk. An example of napkin rashes is also an example.


Many children may have eczema. There may be rashes in the legs and elbows. This usually gets cured until the child is five years old.


In severe and intensive allergies, injections of antalgic medicines (such as CPM and steroids) are necessary by immediate and any skilled person. Less serious (allergy) is essential for allergy that allergy is pressed. At the place of allergic sprain, ointment containing steroid and anti-histamine (such as CPM) tablets are included in the treatment. But this treatment can only be temporary rest. If steroids are given for longer periods of more than two days, they can be damaged. Fix itching with CPM pills. Treatment of light blisters allergy is not necessary.

Natural remedy

On the cutting of insects, apply the soil of the field. If you want to relief with these common Skin allergies, then must meet the best Dermatologist in Jaipur.

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