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Zambian Nationals Choose India For Minimum Cost of Chemotherapy For Throat Cancer Treatment

Author: Lisa Resnick
by Lisa Resnick
Posted: Apr 13, 2019
throat cancer

Overview of Throat Cancer

Our throat has many parts and most of these parts can get affected by Cancer; the part of the pharynx alone can get damaged by 3000 kinds of Cancer. Throat Cancer is when there is unrestrained and dangerous Cell growth. Each type of Throat Cancer is different, and the survival rate varies depending on the stage of the Cancer as well as the location. The types of Throat Cancer are:

  • Adenocarcinoma• Squamous Cell Carcinoma• Laryngeal Cancer• Pharyngeal Cancero Nasopharynx Cancer – upper part of the throato Oropharynx Cancer – middle portion of the throato Hypopharynx Cancer – bottom part of the throat

There are some very common symptoms of Throat Cancer, like:

  • Changes in the voice• Chronic cough• Sore throat• Difficulty in swallowing, which is also known as Dysphagia• A lump or sore that is not healing • Bleeding in the mouth or nose• Weight loss

Few factors, which can lead to the occurrence of Throat Cancer are consumption of tobacco products, alcohol addiction, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), where acid from the stomach leaks and goes back into the food pipe. The most common treatment techniques are surgery for the removal of Cancer, Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Procedure

Among the different types of Throat Cancer treatments, Chemotherapy is one of the most fruitful one. In this treatment, there are drugs, which are used to kill the Cancer cells. The doctor may suggest a single drug or a combination of drugs. The drugs for Cancer of the Larynx are administered via injection, into the bloodstream and thus, it travels all over the body.Chemotherapy can be used to cure Laryngeal Cancer in many ways:• Prior to the surgery or Radiation therapy: In some cases, the drugs are used to shrink a big tumour, either before surgery or Radiation Therapy• After surgery or Radiation Therapy: Chemotherapy may also be used after the surgery or Radiation therapy to destroy the remaining Cancer cells. It may also be useful for treating Cancers, which have spread• Instead of surgery: It may be used in combination with Radiation Therapy as a substitute of surgery. Thus, there is no need for the removal of the Larynx and the voice is also spared.Chemotherapy may be given as an outpatient process, or at a doctor’s office or even at home. It is very rare that a hospital stay may be needed.

How Much Does Cost of Chemotherapy in India?

To add to the discomfort of the already suffering patients, Cancer treatment costs are very high across the world. It burdens the patients and their families majorly. Like most other African countries, Zambia too, very underprivileged financially. But India is a blessing in this matter. There is India Cancer Surgery Site group that offers a huge bunch of services and these ensure the best treatment experience for the patients. Thus, the cost of Chemotherapy for Throat Cancer Treatment, Cancer is not at all burdening for the patients. This way, the medical tourists are able to receive the most modern treatments at very reasonable prices.

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Why Zambian Nationals Choose India?

Zambia is unfortunately one of the most extremely underprivileged nations belonging to the continent of Africa. The healthcare system is specifically lagging behind many other countries across the globe. Owing to this reason, the population of this country has to suffer a lot as they cannot access the latest treatment facilities, when needed. For this, they have to look beyond the boundaries of their country and travel to other countries. This is where the Indian healthcare system rescues them. • The Zambian nationals can choose to get treatment done at any of the top Cancer Hospitals of India o These hospitals are home to the most modern forms of Cancer treatment methodologieso Success rate of Throat Cancer treatment is very high in India• The Cancer experts of India are extremely knowledgeable and have cured several patients of Throat Cancer • Also, the cost of chemotherapy for Throat Cancer in India is very low • There is an efficient medical tour planner like India Cancer Surgery Site, which provides them very well-crafted medical tour packages for Throat Cancer

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Lisa Resnick a surgery analyst and blog writer with 10 years of experience in reputed medical tourism company. She Helps in providing medical services to global patients at low cost. She has writtent various articles on cancer treatments.

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