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How To Clean Bertram Gas Tanks Without Removing?

Author: Brandon Hefner
by Brandon Hefner
Posted: Apr 14, 2019
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The question is lounging rigorously on the web whether it is possible to clean out old Bertram gas tanks without removing. However, cleaning and maintenance should be a part of the routine for boaters especially when they hold their vessels for too long, typically during the off-season. It may seem to you quite grueling task to eliminate tank from its place and then clean it. It’s probably not possible in case if it is mounted with welding and bolts.

So if it is possible to wash off custom marine fuel tanks without removing, then how? Well, we will discuss the solution following in this article.

You may probably aware of the successful history of Bertram yachts and its quality. It is one of the renowned boat manufacturing companies in the world, particularly in the offshore category. Recognized by almost every enthusiastic boater, it took years of hard work for the builders of Bertram fishing boats to form unparalleled reputation and respect in the industry.

It’s there for almost over 6 decades and ruling proudly. The new models are coming with improved strength and durability that rarely create any discomfort for the owners. Recently, the company included a whole new service in which it is offering repair, maintenance, and refitting service for any brand of boat, engines, and parts. So you may not want to waste your time challenging for another DIY task, you can contact experts of it to know how to clean Bertram gas tanks.

Fuel is a very crucial part that must be stored safely. The functioning of it from the tank to engine to another system depends on how well it has been installed. Manufacturers and welders have to follow the standards and guidelines set by the American Boat & Yacht Council regarding designing, welding, and installation of the boat gas tanks in order to make them reliable. So when they violate official guidelines, the problem automatically interrupts after a few years. Here are a few methods that can help you with cleaning the tank.

Drain the Tank

Bertram gas tanks are the most important component to run it smoothly. But when your tank becomes sludgy or clogged with contaminants, it starts creating the problem for engine and further can cause unnecessary breakdowns. So you can start the cleaning by draining the tank. For this purpose, you need to ensure that you’re doing the job at a well-ventilated area. Now, you have to connect hoses or vents to the fuelling hole and add it’s another side into a separate container in which you want to accumulate drained gas. You can use air compressors to evacuate the fuel completely. It is a risky task and should be done by professionals only.


The cleaning of custom marine fuel tanks can be an overwhelming task for many people as it entails many risk factors like siphoning gas, pushing, and gathering it into a separate bucket. But when there is no gas in the tank after draining, you can utilize alcohol or any other boat tank cleaning agents and chemicals. You can use detergent powder with hot water instead. Use a pressure washer to wash out all the debris, rust, and dirt from the boat gas tanks.

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