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9 New Traditions for Family on Easter Celebrations

Author: Lauren Johnson
by Lauren Johnson
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

Easter is a holy festival cherished in the crowd of close ones. it is the most anticipated festival of family members. It is the day when family comes together, do some Easter activities and enjoy having fun. There are some Easter traditions that is followed in during this time. each year you follow the same, this time let’s do something different. Here are the new ideas of how to follow easter tradition differently and uniquely. Following these traditions you will get so many memories to preserve for lifetime.

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Dye Colorful Easter Eggs

Every time we use plastic eggs and then use to paint it with brush and then there is no use of it thereafter. So here let’s make these eggs differently so that you can save it as memento. Instead simply painting Easter eggs have some markers to paint the emojis. Also use some funny stickers, goodly eyes, and decoupage, stick pom poms and make a funny image out of it. The second thing you can do is to take wooden or marble in the shape of egg. It should be of bigger size then normal eggs. Each and every member has to write a special note with permanent marker and then write the name underneath the message. Now save this memorable piece to cherish the memory of Easter till next Easter.

Plant An Easter Garden

It is a subject of teaching your grandkids of how to save the nature. let’s take some time to help our kids to save the environment. They will happily involve in this activity. Have the entire gardening tool, every family member are given one plant to grow in garden. It’s a spring time so if possible try to arrange spring garden. Have some seeds and flower plants to grow and make spring garden. Also teach children how to take care of garden and how plants save earth.

Easter Egg Hunt

This tradition is followed since long time and it’s the best opportunity to bring smile on the kid’s face. Play an egg hunt followed by hiding Easter eggs in different corner. Hide plastic eggs in the secret places. Instead giving small sized gifts, have some big sized surprise of gifts which kids wanted to see from long time. Not for one kid, every kid is rewarded with the gifts. You have to prepare clue as such that every kid has a different clue to find out their gifts. Apart of game this is a fair reason to give an equal importance to every kid takes part in the competition.

Bake Easter Treats To Share

Either it is an Easter pan cake, Easter cake or Easter puddings, everything is baked at home. Arrange a baking competition where the group of some family members has to show their creativity in baking. Definitely kids involvement is necessary. Kids have to shape up the cookies with cookie cutters. Tell them to mixture the flour. Seriously they will get lot of fun doing it. Finally whose cookies or cake baked first is become the winner. Before taking brunch teach children to pray to god and say thanks for feeding us.

The Easter Story in Eggs

Take 12 pieces of plastic eggs. Also prepare small tales of Easter and write it on the page opposite to that Easter egg. Each Easter egg is hidden a small toy related to this story. Kids have to read the story and then open the egg. An elder has to teach some lessons to grand kids of what is Easter and why it is celebrated every year.

Grow Easter Grass

Instead using plastic eggs and plastic eggs lets choose to celebrate this Easter in earth friendly way. Choose not to use plastic any more. Wheat grass is good and it grows faster. So use a wooden basket or earthen pot to grow wheat seeds in this. Easter grass will occur in five to six days. This edible grass is useful for decorating hard boiled eggs. Also it creates excitement for the kids to see them growing every day. After Easter blend them in the mixer make a juice and feed it to your animals.

Try Something New

let’s give a try to something new. Escape from the same tradition find out the new recipe of Easter served in different countries. Gubana from Italy, leg of Lamb from France and there are so many recipes you can give a try to enjoy celebrating Easter.

Bunny Letter Exchange

Every kid has to write a note of a wish. They can write about what they want to do in future, or what gift they want from God or elders. Now they have to put it in front of bunny. Elders have to check it out about what their wish is. In exchange parent or elders has to complete their wish. If you are not able to complete their put some chocolates and candies treat as a gift to delight their hearts.

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Creativity needed in every celebration. So here is the article help you rejoicing the Easter time in out of the ordinary way. They are very quick and simple to follow. It needed some change in the Easter tradition. the goal remains the same to make a family time a happy time.

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