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Advantages of Inverter AC technology

Author: Sathya Rkumaran
by Sathya Rkumaran
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

An inverter AC regulates the temperature by controlling the speed of the compressor motor. It uses less power and is more effective than a normal air conditioning system. The inverter AC technology saves energy and power up to 50% than a non-inverter AC. The variable speed compressor is used by the inverter ACs. An inverter AC runs at full capacity until the fixed temperature is reached and maintains the temperature by running at part load. An inverter air conditioning system never turns off the motors or compressors. It heats or cools the room continuously by maintaining the motor speed and adjusts depending on the load of the room. So, as a result, electricity usage is greatly reduced. The inverted technology saves more energy by running at partial capacity. It can normally save up to 30 - 50% of electricity when compared to a regular air conditioner. The units of an inverter air conditioner work at variable speeds, that allows it to change its tonnage as per the room size.

The compressor converts the input power of the AC to DC power. Normal ACs do not have this ability to change the frequency of input power. Inverter ACs are much quieter than the non-inverter ACs due to the continuous running of the compressor. Once the temperature is set in an inverter AC, it will not make any sound and disturb you. But, in normal air conditioning systems, on-off sound can be heard clearly a per the fluctuations in the room temperature. In an inverter AC, there is no fluctuation in the temperature. An inverter AC can quickly reach the desired temperature than a non-inverter AC. In a non-inverter AC, the compressor goes off when the temperature goes below the fixed level. But, in an inverter AC, the motor rotation speed is adjusted in order to maintain the fixed temperature when the temperature goes below the fixed level set in the AC. An inverter AC system measures the temperature of the incoming air by adjusting the motor speed accordingly. So, this leads to load fluctuations as well.


The durability of the compressor in an inverter air conditioning system is longer than that of a non-inverter AC. This is because of the smooth running of the compressor without any break and accurate thermostat setting. An inverter AC costs higher than a non-inverter AC, but it has more benefits than a normal AC. Inverter AC technology saves your money in the long run by saving energy and power. It will be more comfortable to sleep in a room with an inverter AC as there will be a constant temperature in the room. Due to the efficiency of inverter AC units, its operational cost is very much low. Inverter air conditioning systems also include a filtration process that helps to get rid of allergens, dust, and odors from the room. So, the inverter ACs not only save power and energy, but their usage is also good for the environment. James & Co is one of the best air conditioner dealers in Madurai, offering top quality AC models. As one of the best ac showroom in Madurai, we consist of energy efficient ac models with all the latest features. Make your selection from our broad range of AC models.
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