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Uber Vs. Lyft: Who Is Sitting On The Ride Sharing Apps Throne?

Author: Apurple Official
by Apurple Official
Posted: Apr 22, 2019

I’ve always wondered, and you would’ve wondered too, which is the better ride sharing service: Uber Vs. Lyft?

To figure that out you’d have to book a taxi from both the apps at the same time from the same place and go to the same place and see which does the job first. Still, we would only measure them only on which service is faster.

But who has time to do all this? Well, we had a day to spare so we did it for you. Where ever you look there are the Uber stickers on cabs or pink mustache of Lyft (now they’ve changed the mustache). Uber and Lyft combined own nearly 98 percent of the U.S. consumer ride-sharing market.

Meet The Ride-Sharing App Legends

Let’s meet both our key players that are fighting today to sit on the throne of the best ride-sharing app service. The best part of this fight is the benefits that the customers get when it comes to prices, discounts, and services.


In the beginning, Uber was a black car service, which means they only served with luxury cars like limos and other high-end cars. They were the ones who innovated the whole idea of having an app to order a cab service.

Uber wasn’t getting good profits from this singular approach to their taxi hailing idea. So they decided to make this service accessible for common people (an idea they only applied after seeing the success achieved by Lyft).


Lyf came 3 years after Uber. It took Uber’s black car service concept and took it to the average driver and cars and made this taxi service model accessible for the local taxi hailing customers. Since then Lyft has expanded into various categories of taxi app services.

Comapring Various Ride Sharing Apps Services

Booking a Ride

Both the ride-sharing apps depend on location-based data of the passenger and the driver. So the users need to have a good internet connection to use the service. Both apps have an almost similar way of booking the ride; if the pin on your location seems a bit off the mark, you can adjust it to a more accurate point.

A new feature added to both the apps is that you can choose a waypoint along the route so if you wish to collect something or someone falling along your route you can do that and continue to your final destination.

Verdict: So booking the ride is almost similar for both the apps, hence this feature is a tie for the Lyft Vs. Uber battle.

Passenger Experience

So your ride has arrived! But which one came first? According to our research both the services take the same time to arrive at the destination. Both the companies have a policy that if the passenger is nowhere to be found, then the drivers must wait for 5 minutes before they are allowed to cancel the ride.

The experience with the driver varies from person to person. The passenger can choose to sit behind as usual taxis or ride shotgun with the driver if they wish to have a conversation. Both the apps provide rating and review option to rate your experience with the ride and the driver.

Verdict: Once again this round is a tie for Uber Vs. Lyft.

Ride Sharing Apps Services

Uber Cab Services:

      • UberX is the sedan vehicle cab service for up to 4 passengers.
      • UberXL is the affordable SUV cab service for up to 6 passengers
      • Uber SUV is the luxury SUV cab service for up to 6 passengers
      • UberPOOL is the ridesharing cab service for different passengers.
      • UberBLACK is the premium black service with luxury cars for up to 4 passengers.
      • UberWAV is the wheelchair and scooter accessible cab service to assist passengers.
      • UberSELECT is the high-end luxury cab service for up to 4 passengers.
      • UberTAXI is the yellow cab service from Uber.

Lyft Cab Services:

  • Original Lyft is the regular cabs with capacity for up to 4 passengers.
  • Lyft XL is the regular cabs with capacity for up to 6 passengers.
  • Lyft Premier is the high-end cab vehicles for 4 passengers.
  • Lyft Lux is the company’s premium luxury cab service.
  • Lyft Black is the premium black service with luxury cars.
  • Lyft Black XL is the premium black SUV vehicles for up to 4 passengers.

Both the apps have very similar ride sharing apps service categories; Uber has 2 additional ones as mentioned above.

Verdict: Uber gets a win due to 2 additional services in the cab ride.

How Drivers are Treated

Both the apps provide a customer rating feature for the drivers in case they wish to inform about a very nice or a very rude customer. The drivers can also receive tips from the passengers within the app.

Both apps have a very different approach when it comes to drivers. It begins from them signing up to be the companies’ drivers. Uber runs many background checks before officiating the driver and then stays out of their way except regular insurance updates or to settle any disputes.

On the other hand, Lyft has a unique approach. New drivers are paired with the existing Lyft drivers so that they become their understudy and learn how Lyft drivers serve their passengers. These mentor sessions are mandatory for all new drivers within their hiring process.

Both approaches are entirely different and can’t be judged equally. If you are looking to join the company and start working instantly, then Uber is best. If you can spare additional time to learn then Lyft is the best choice for you.

Verdict:From the passengers’ perspective, Lyft seems to be the right choice.

Who Won The Title?

The Match seems to be a tie, but I believe that you must have found one extra point according to your personal experience with these ride sharing apps. I believe that both these companies are doing many things that their competitors should learn and even Uber and Lyft should learn from each other if they aim to continue their duopoly in the market.

If you are planning to build your own on-demand taxi app service, instead of developing your own app from scratch, it is advisable to go with the Uber Clone app development approach. This way you can benefit from the app already created by Uber and Lyft and only need to build from there on.

If you are planning to build your own on-demand taxi app service, instead of developing your own app from scratch, it is advisable to go with the

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