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Debunking Common Life Coaching Myths

Author: Doreen Ritchie
by Doreen Ritchie
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

Since life coaches give reinforcement to help others succeed in life and live in a healthier manner; and given the fact the world is becoming more and more negative, many individuals are interested in knowing the truth about life coaching. Unfortunately, with the increase in interest in coaching, there has been a rise in myths, most of which discourage people from seeking services that could see them get to where they want in life. In this brief post, we are going to address the common myths.

Life Coaching is Meant for Those With Serious Personal Issues

When pursuing a career as a life coach, you may get negative feedback from friends and loved ones worried about the kinds of ‘life problems’ you’ll have to handle. Well, the truth is that individuals avail of the services of coaches to better their lives. Those with already great lives may require help to get on the right path or need a boost of confidence. Life coaches help individuals from all walks of life and not just those with serious issues.

Life Coaches are Just another Form of Therapists or Counselors

This could not be further from the truth. Coaches aren’t counsellors, psychiatrists or therapists. They help you set goals in order to improve your life. They are there to ensure that you have enough support when improving relationships, making life decisions and resolving conflicts.

Life Coaches Deem Themselves Better Than Everybody Else

The primary reason for becoming a life coach is to help other individuals get to the place they want to be. That alone is enough to show that you do not think you are better than others.

Life Coaching is Expensive

You do not have to pay for an arm and leg for coaching services. There are numerous coaches out there who charge a reasonable rate and you can find them by doing your homework. Coaches with affordable rates usually get more clients and this usually leads to more experience. So, life coaching is not a service for the rich.

Consulting a Friend is The Same As Talking to A Coach

Well, your friend is more likely to patronize you when asked for advice. However, a life coach will give you unbiased opinions regarding your goals and current situations. Also, there’s no attachment to your decisions and so, they will not try to sway you for their personal gain.

These are not the only myths out there regarding this practice, but these are the most common. There is more than you may think about life coaching and do not be afraid to use the services of a professional life coach.

Just to conclude we would like to point out that all life coaches will not be of the same quality or effectiveness, and we recommend talking to several life coaches until you find the one that clicks with you. Someone that you feel understands where you’re coming from, and who may be best placed to guide you in making progress.

Take your time and select the best life coach for you!

About the Author

Doreen Richie is one of Belfast's leading life coaches, and can be contacted at her website to find out more about life coaching in Belfast.

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Author: Doreen Ritchie

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