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Why You Should Consider Car Leasing with Select Vehicle Leasing

Author: Mark Phillips Select Vehicle Leasing
by Mark Phillips Select Vehicle Leasing
Posted: May 12, 2019

When you are in need of a brand new set of wheels, you are always faced with a boatload of important decisions before making the purchase. One key decision is how you are going to finance the purchase of the car. If you are aspiring to acquire a new car, you can either choose to buy the car or lease it. With the rising costs of living and difficulty getting approved for car loans, leasing has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Studies show that one in every four car buyers end up leasing a car instead of buying.

The benefits of car leasing go way beyond than just acquiring a new car and saving costs. If you are considering leasing a car but aren't sure if it's the most viable option for you, then read on to find out what you stand to gain when you lease a car.

Drive A New And Better Car Every Few Years

One reason most people prefer car leasing is the fact that it gives them an opportunity to drive around in the latest and improved car models. Car leasing also makes it possible for you to drive your dream car, which you couldn't afford if you bought it for cash. When you lease a car you pay for the depreciating value of the car and not the actual market value. This means that if your dream car doesn't depreciate at a fast rate, then you get to pay less. Most luxury cars are built and designed to last for long, and hence, you might be surprised to find that you are paying less than you expected.

Low Monthly Payments

Compared to the monthly payments of buying a car, car leasing offers a much cheaper option. As discussed earlier, you only pay for the estimated depreciating value of the car. The payment is spread over the period of your car lease contract. This makes it even more affordable. However, insurance rates may vary, hence, you need to inquire first.

Little To No Repair Costs

Right off the bat, car leasing allows you to acquire and drive a new and improved car model. You are less likely to run into major problems with a new car. Secondly, most car manufacturer warranties last for almost 3 years. This is also the average term for most car leases. This means that any repairs required within this period will be covered by the manufacturer.

You Are Saved The Hassle Of Reselling A Car

If you want to upgrade your car after purchasing one, you might be forced to resell it in order to get the money to buy a new one. However, when it comes to car leasing, once your lease expires, you just have to return the car and lease another one.

A major downside to car leasing is that you can't claim ownership to the car you lease. However, if this isn't a major issue for you, then car leasing has numerous benefits that shouldn't be overlooked.

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Select Vehicle Leasing is the UK's premier car leasing broker. For the best deals on car leasing, simply visit our website.

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Author: Mark Phillips Select Vehicle Leasing

Mark Phillips Select Vehicle Leasing

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