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The Role of Digital Learning Services in Effective Education

Author: Anushka Yadav
by Anushka Yadav
Posted: Apr 19, 2019
digital learning

What are Digital Learning Services?

Today’s education system makes use of a number of digital tools to enhance the quality of education and also to make it more interesting. The use of digital learning services can enhance the delivery of education. This has given rise to a new field of learning, namely e-learning. This is learning done by using digital elements including the internet.

Digital learning services in education involve the following aspects:

  • Digital learning can be technology-based support for
k12 learning services. Digital learning can be used in the school system to enhance the quality of learning. Use of digital technology like smart classrooms, computer-based lessons and reviews would make students more interested in learning.

  • Digital learning makes use of lessons with multimedia technology with text, audio, and video being showcased in the classroom. This helps students to understand concepts and theories much more easily.
  • Digital learning services in the higher education system would involve replacing classroom-based learning with online learning. This would be of great use to many who are working and do not have time to take up conventional degrees. Digital learning can help working professionals learn and acquire a professional qualification.
  • Digital learning services can help in replacing the traditional assessment and examination system. It provides online assessments for students to test their skills and as a formal evaluation of their learning. Online assessment is advantageous as it is convenient and provides for instant results.
  • The course material or learning materials for the course of study can also be delivered digitally to students. They can learn using tablets or smartphones. Digital learning services companies make use of ebook conversion services to create digital versions of books and course material for students.
  • Support for students during the course like clarification of queries and group discussions can also be done online using video chats, online forums, etc. This helps to make learning interesting as well as interactive and can enhance its effectiveness.
  • Digital learning is a boon for those with disabilities, who otherwise may have problems traveling to college to undergo a course and learn. It gives them the flexibility of being able to learn from their home or any place of their convenience. Digital learning service providers would ensure
web content accessibility so that learners with disabilities can also easily access learning content online.

Role of Digital learning in ensuring change

Thanks to the vast benefits it offers, digital learning has helped in changing the face of education today. Classroom teaching, which students would find boring and uninteresting can now be more interesting and exciting. A history lesson considered drab and dull can be brought to life by using digital screens and using multimedia. Instead of reading about a historical event, students can watch it happen in front of their eyes, making learning more exciting.

Similarly, a laboratory experiment that is difficult to show can be simulated using technology and this can be shown in the classrooms to students. Instead of tests using pen and paper, online tests are more attractive, especially for school students. It is possible to replace the entire classroom learning experience through digital methods.

There are many online universities that offer an entire course of study and issue degrees online. MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses allow studentsto do courses from reputed Universities online and get certified for it. All this has been made possible, thanks to the advent of digital learning. There is no doubt that digital learning is the future of learning and education.

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