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Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Author: Seoexpert Goldcoast
by Seoexpert Goldcoast
Posted: Apr 19, 2019

Internet marketers know just how important Video marketing is for promoting online businesses. Studies reveal Digital marketing is used by over 85% of online marketers, because people viewing videos retain 95% of the information they receive from videos rather than the 10% from reading text.

All videos are not equal and a badly put together video can be harmful to your credibility and branding.

Some video marketing mistakes to avoid:

Wrong Production Partner

Videos can be made with a smart phone and a bit of humour, yes sometimes this can work. But do you want people to think you’re cheap and shoddy if it doesn’t?

Promoting video is about impressing and interesting people, so a professional approach is needed.

Here are some common marketing mistakes to avoid:

Quality of Presentation

A poor presentation indicates a poor quality of service or products. Having a professional production partner will enable you to have a high quality video that encourages viewers to trust and want to deal with you.

Friendly not Sterile

Many sales promotion videos today show a super model with a luxury car or lying on the front of a mega yacht or some other improbable scene. The things that sell and attract people today are scenes where they feel a connection, videos that trigger emotion and address real issues.

Too Long a Video

Short and sweet is the key, a digital marketing video should only last 60 to 90 seconds, just enough to spike the imagination and intrigue the viewer as people are busy and impatient. Short is the best marketing strategy, your video is not meant to be a text book, it’s a hook to catch their attention

Too Many Messages in One Video

It is much better to make multiple videos rather that stuffing too much in one video. Have one video for each message you want to get across, each a little different, but all obviously from your brand. It’s vital that you do not confuse people with too much information; your visitors must understand your most important message.

Poorly Branding Your Company

Even with a great video if not effectively branding your company may cause people to remember your message, but forget who sent it to them. Always start your video with your branding so people remember you.

Over Doing the Sales Pitch

Your customers are often just looking to see what you’re offering, nobody likes the feeling they are being pressured to buy, so don’t try and force feed them? Show them why they need your product or service and build a relationship of trust and avoid pressure, but give a strong call to action statement at the end of your video so you do not leave them wondering what comes next.

Disregarding Good SEO Practices

Everything you post on the net must optimised with the right metadata, keywords and thumbnail images.

Social Media

Find out which social media platforms your audience uses by taking advantage of video analytics and be on them all.

Video marketing is all about giving visitors an exciting snapshot of the things you offer in a tasteful and interesting way. Use analytics to follow your visitors and give them information and entertainment based around the things they show you they want, quality and value.

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