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Kitchen Cabinet Corner Door Hinges

Author: Ekitchens 123
by Ekitchens 123
Posted: Apr 20, 2019

Cabinets have been an integral part of kitchens for a very long time. Previously only custom made, technology has allowed for kitchen cabinets to be easily manufactured and fitted for every home with innovative flatpack systems. Moreover, they come in a range of styles and finishes, there’s a vast array to choose from. Interestingly enough, it’s not just the exterior that has undergone upgrades but also an inconspicuous part of the interior that often goes unnoticed. That’s right; the hinges of the cabinet have had some changes of their own. From kitchen corner hinges that make uses of the dead space in the corner of your kitchen to soft close hinges, they’ve certainly come a long way from their proprietary purpose.

Soft close hinges are a subtle invention used in day-today living, providing its services naturally and unobtrusively. The innovative design allows for cabinet doors and drawers to close softly and silently rather than slamming shut. These special hinges activate at the last 25 degrees of closure, slowing down the door and eases it close softly and quietly.

In addition to peace and quiet, soft close hinges also prolong the lifespan of the kitchen cabinets by removing the impact of a door slam. Slamming can easily cause damage and breakage not only to the doors and the cabinet frames but also to the hinges themselves. Damaged hinges will lead to stiff, loose or uneven doors that might not close properly. Not only that, faulty cabinet doors will also affect the contents stored within. Fragile tableware and glasses are susceptible to damage and possibly even breaking entirely. Moreover, the contents of the cabinet are kept in place and not scattered about due to the gentle closing.

Renovating is not the difficult and drawn out process as you may think it is. The team at E-Kitchens are here to help you along the way! The purchase of your next renovation online gives you all the flexibility to customise any step of the way in your own time without having to force decide for set modular sizes or limited colour choice.

With Blum hinges, it’s easy to fit older cabinets with quality hinges. The clip top technology utilises an innovative tool free assembly with three dimensional adjustment for height and depth. No drilling or screws required allowing for a hassle free DIY installation. A simple push down on the clever lever system secures the hinge to the door with removal being as simple as lifting the lever. Blum produces an extensive range of kitchen door hinges and plates for all door applications. The heavy duty cabinet hinges and soft closing hinges are regarded by many as the best hinge system in the entire world.

So if you’re looking for great quality hinges for your cabinets, stop by the E Kitchens website. We stock a range of solutions from cabinets to benchtops as well as all of the Blum soft closing hinges; everything you’d need for a kitchen renovation. We are dedicated to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams. If you have a renovation plan in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us at (08) 9456 3108 to speak to one of our friendly designers who are willing to assist you with any queries or qualms you may have.

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Author: Ekitchens 123

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