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Personal Injury Attorney Combines Legal and Compassionate Personal Services

Author: George Anderson
by George Anderson
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

Millions of cars on the road, southern California traffic, drivers distracted by cell phones, or under the influence of alcohol/drugs are only a few of the many possible causes of car accidents. None of which are your fault. You can be sure the other driver’s insurance company will be working to minimize what is paid to you as compensation but almost certainly not working to pay you what is fair and equitable.

Modern technology such as airbags can save your life but do real bodily harm at the same time. Even protective devices cause harm such as facial injuries or neck and shoulder injuries that disrupt your life and plague you for a few months or the rest of your life. These are only a couple of the reasons you want a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles on your side. A hard-hitting personal injury lawyer who ensures that your injuries are taken seriously.

A Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney Looks Out for Your Interests

Always, the first thing you need to do after a car accident is to seek medical treatment if there is any concern that you have been injured! After that, if you don’t quickly contact a personal injury lawyer for counsel, the first lawyer you will probably talk to is the lawyer/representative from the at-fault insurance provider. He or she will wish you good health but really wants to settle the case as quickly and for as little as possible.

Highly experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, strongly recommend that you keep your communication with the insurance representatives to a minimum. Remember, the other guy’s insurance company is a faceless corporation with multi-billion dollar budgets, concerned chiefly with their own bottom line. You need a lawyer with the specific knowledge and skills to deal with the intricate laws that apply to car accidents. Only your own personal injury attorney will look out for your interests and wellbeing.

How to Preserve Evidence From a Car Accident

First, take care of your immediate wellbeing. If you are able to walk, there are a few actions you should take immediately to document what happened while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. This includes:

  • Yourself
  • The other driver
  • Passengers in either vehicle
  • Independent witnesses
  • Weather conditions
  • Driving conditions (nighttime, sun glare, obstructed view, etc.)
  • Missing, malfunctioning, or poorly visible traffic devices (stop signs, signals, guardrails, etc.)

Confusion almost always happens after a car accident. Even if you aren’t confused, others may be. Any personal injury attorney should tell you that it’s a good idea keeping a copy of this list and a camera (smartphones are fine) in your car. It’s a good idea to at least gather contact information from independent witnesses first, before they leave the accident scene. Also, try to collect their statements on the spot. An audio or video recording works well.

Take a statement from the other driver as soon as possible (at the accident scene). Try to video or audio record this. If he or she admits liability, be sure to document this. Often the other driver’s recollection of what happened will change. Especially after he or she talks to other people.

Document your own observations of what happened. This includes the information listed above as well as how the other driver reacted before, during, and after the accident.

See a doctor as soon as possible. Even if you only have minor bruising or scratches. Your doctor should look for injuries that aren’t visible or apparent at the time such as a concussion. This is for your personal health as well as in case something develops later. Be sure to follow any and all instructions your doctor gives you. Failing to follow doctor instructions leaves you open to claims that you actually aggravated the injuries.

Regardless of how safe a driver you are, car accidents eventually happen to almost every one of us. Statics show that most people will be in a car accident once every 17 years. This can be life changing either short-term or long-term. Working with a reputable and highly experienced personal injury attorney and collecting evidence is a great start for the best possible outcome.

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