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Tips For Improving Chances Of Conception

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jun 13, 2014
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When a couple finally makes the decision to move forward in their relationship by having a family, it’s a very exciting time. The decision to try for a child feels like the most important decision they’ve ever made, and it may well be. However, simply deciding that they are ready to have a child doesn’t mean that conception will come easily or occur in a timely manner. Here are some tips for improving conception:

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

The first thing both persons in the relationship should do is gain a better understanding of the menstrual and ovulation cycle. In healthy couples, this is likely to be the first and best step they can take to increase their chances of conception quickly. It’s just as important for the male partner to understand the cycle, in order to fully support the female partner. A thorough understanding of the monthly cycle will help both partners know when the female partner is likely to be the most fertile, and to plan accordingly.

Tracking the Menstrual Cycle

While an understanding of the overall cycle is helpful, it is even more helpful to track each stage of the cycle. Conception is most likely to occur when intercourse takes place a day or two prior to ovulation, which means keeping careful records in order to predict when ovulation will occur.

Have Intercourse on Alternating Days

It’s important to have intercourse during the woman’s most fertile time of the month, however, intercourse that occurs too frequently can reduce the male partner’s sperm count. In order to ensure that this doesn’t reduce the chance of conception, partners should only engage in intercourse every other day during her most fertile period.

Other Ways to Track Ovulation

In addition to tracking the menstrual cycle, there are other ways to determine if ovulation has taken place. Tracking the woman’s body temperature each morning can help, as ovulation causes a slight rise in body temperature. Another way to track ovulation is by testing hormonal levels with ovulation kit tests. These tests can be pricey, but they are extremely accurate, and may be worthwhile if other methods of ovulation testing are not working.

Healthy Lifestyle

Fertility can be impacted by environmental factors as well as by internal ones and timing. Women and men alike should concentrate on having a healthy diet and a healthy amount of exercise during this time, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Infertility Treatments

Sometimes, despite their best efforts, a couple may find it difficult to conceive. When tracking ovulation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and engaging in intercourse during the right times of the month don’t seem to work, it may be worthwhile to seek medical help.

A fertility doctor can help couples to understand what cause or causes are contributing to their difficulty conceiving. If you are based in Denver, you should look into this website - Fertility Doctor Denver. Once these causes are identified, the doctor will then recommend the treatments best suited to solving the problem. These treatments may be for one or both partners.

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