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3 Interesting Gemstones Used as Lucky Charms

Author: Emil Sipos
by Emil Sipos
Posted: Apr 22, 2019

One of the most important things that will help you through your life is having good luck. Many hard situations, problems, and tensions could be changed, skipped and turned into your advantage with a bit of luck. There is no person in this world that won’t benefit from this nice trait so wearing crystal that can potentially bring you good luck is beneficial for sure. The energy that those gemstones carry and their metaphysical properties will help you go through your life with a smile on your face. As a matter of fact, many gemstones carry within the energy of good luck and can be used as lucky charms.

We have all been in many complicated situations and life of every person is filled with ups and downs, losses and job loss, so wearing crystals that can bring you good luck is very important for all. Admit it that wearing a nice ring, bracelet or earrings is not that hard but when you consider their subtle yet powerful energy vibration, there is no reason to not wear them. Lucky crystals can and will change your life, you can even program them to help you achieve your dreams and fulfill your wishes.

Amethyst for All-Around Luck

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry for making all types of jewelry. This interesting gemstone can turn the tide of bad luck and activate good luck to be brought to your life. In order to utilize the energy of amethyst gemstone, you should wear jewelry made from it to activate all around luck. If you want more wealth, you should place this stone in the southeast part of your house. For bringing luck for health, you should place it in the eastern sector of your home.

Celestine for Spiritual Luck

Celestine as a gemstone has a very angelic look with its powder sky blue color. This crystal is used mostly for its amazing healing power that is believed to open communication with heaven. Many people throughout history connected this gemstone with angels, spirits, and God. It is believed that this stone brings spiritual luck. For good health, you should place Celestine in the eastern sector of your home while for opening communication with heavens you should put it in the northwest corner of your house.

Citrine for Bringing Wealth

Citrine is beautiful gemstone with colors ranging from yellow to brown and orange that is believed to bring neverending luck and wealth. It is believed that this stone changes negative energy into positive. Considering that this crystal doesn’t absorb negative energy, you will never need to clean it. All you need to do in order to utilize the positive energy of this gemstone is to place it in the east sector of your home for bringing wealth. Wear this crystal and it will bring you good health and improve your income.

List of gemstones for bringing luck in life, wealth and prosperity goes on and you will notice that many crystals have some of those properties. When you start wearing those gems on a daily basis you will notice that everything you do in life happen to be much easier. The powerful energy will amplify positive energy and give you everything you desire and need to live a better and healthier life.

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