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Cnc tool carts a complete storage solutions

Author: Santhosh Babu
by Santhosh Babu
Posted: Apr 22, 2019

Your machine parts, tools and assemblies and other components are some of the most valuable assets that you have, and protecting them is crucial to your ongoing success. Having the best storage solutions(CNC Tool Carts) for these pieces is one of the top decisions you can make regarding the profitability of your company.

The organization of your production floor, maintenance area, assembly space and your tool room is critical to the overall productivity and ROI of your manufacturing facility. And our heavy-duty, industrial grade steel and CNC tool assembly storage equipment are the answer to these functional needs.

There are a multitude of reasons why our tool storage solutions can provide major advantages to your organization when your valuable assets are well-organized and well protected from damage due to inadequate storage. The benefits include:

  • Improves inventory and usage tracking
  • Helps reduce tool damage
  • Minimizes tool handling
  • Easy tool identification with built-in drawer labels
  • Creates a safer environment
  • Aids in reduction of set-up time
  • Improves work flow
  • Long life and durability with our thick powder coating
  • Superior locking mechanism standard

Our CNC tool carts are produced with Cold rolled steel, 16 Gauge (0.063" 1.6mm) thick, designed to provide the perfect solution for your tool assembly storage challenges, and we offer them various models to suit your purpose and industry’s most popular drawer and pegboard configurations.

Both our free-standing and mobile storage cabinets(CNC Tool Carts) incorporate ball bearing systems, which allows for smooth opening and closing of drawers which can carry up to 300 lbs. each and have 100% opening access. Our cabinets also have master key locks and individual drawer latches to prevent accidental opening and tool security.

Our most popular sizes and styles are available to ship from stock, and we can also provide the industry’s most flexible and adaptable drawer design, with many other cabinet dimensions and drawer configurations available to you for a completely customized solution.

Our standard heavy-gauge steel dividers come standard, and are adjustable in 5/8" increments, with choices between 16", 22", 28", 34", and 40" cabinet widths and wide variety of cabinet heights up to 57" high. These industrial gauge steel drawer dividers are highly resistant to oils, acids, and extreme temperatures.

1. Mirror Polish

A stylish look to our cart is given through the powder coating and it is powder coated to get avoided from getting rust easily. This gives an admirer look for our tool cart and it’s very easy to maintain too. Really no need to spend more time on cleaning, it looks as of the same as new even after many years working with it. Besides mobile and floor-standing models, select combination drawer and side or bottom storage area that incorporates adjustable shelves and locking doors.

2. Durable inserts

Inserts are really very important in these CNC tool carts since it is the one which is going to hold all the tools, to give a comfort and high durability nylons were used as the core material for this inserts. These red color inserts gives a perfect look for our tool carts, not only the look, a well groomed product.

3. Non-Loosening Nuts

Nuts help to provide the desired shape of the cart. Even the body of the cart is assembled through these nuts and gives the structure to our carts.

Think how good these nuts should be and we play effectively on this part. We strongly suggest that it will take year and years for renewing our product and that’s true we concentrate on even small things with high quality.

These nuts have small nylon portion in it and you know why we placed nylon nuts on over products, normal nuts get easily loosened when we roughly handle our carts in the industrial area. These nuts having a small portion of nylon at the end prevents our carts from loosening.

4. Mobility

A factor in which we can say a product is the best fir for the workshop is Portability. This mobility always gives a comfort zone in moving our product back and forth. Availing your tools on the place you need to make use of those tools to fix your work pieces can be achieved through castors. Perfect Polyurethane castors to withstand heavy loads are chosen for our carts. We doesn’t alone speak quality, we too display in our Products(CNC Tool Carts). Its sound great right, we have an added pinch of flavours to it. Nothing but the breaks really we feel it worth’s more and definitely in the work environment its very secure to park a cart in a particular place.

Assembly insert trays are supplied for all standard HSK, BT, and CAT tool holder tapers as well. And because our insert trays are sold separately, you can customize your industrial storage cabinet and Caddie to accommodate almost any combination of tool holder sizes and styles.

If you don’t find the exact size or configuration to meet your spec needs here, please contact us and we can work together with you to design and build a cabinet that will satisfy your application requirements. The products manufactured by us are all designed to make your workplace the most productive and profitable it can be while it continually improves. And because we supply directly end-users, you get higher quality products than what other pay for lesser alternatives.

5. Workstation Models

All in one is organised in this product to set a stereotype. It accomplishes all the minutes need for those who work with the CNC Workstations and provides a wide area to freely have their essentials in a comfort, secure and easy to handle environment.

6. 5S Products

Scoots are another artwork of Uratech creations. These scoot models are highly beneficial and has all the products assembled in a single cart for easy access.

7. CNC Tightening Fixture

Very effective tool to tightening your tools and fit properly in the handles for effective crafting. It’s of Aluminium base and heat treated inserts were used in it.Contact us or call us today 001–716–949–4237 and let us help you design the tool storage(CNC Tool Carts) configurations that are perfect for your manufacturing needs today.

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