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Control of Legionnaires’ Should Be Treated As an Absolute Priority

Author: Seller Ben
by Seller Ben
Posted: Jun 15, 2014

Legionnaires’ disease doesn’t make headlines the way it used to. However, according to NHS, there were 359 reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease and 38 deaths from the disease in England and Wales in 2010. While a number of these cases have occurred while people were travelling abroad, most cases were as a result of infections caught in the U.K. The Centre for Disease Control estimate that up to 10,000 people wind up in the hospital because of legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

Find and Prevent Legionella in Your Building’s Water Systems to Prevent a Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

This means Legionnaires’ disease is still a big threat and employers, facility managers and those in control of buildings should have a plan to combat it. Legionella risk assessment measures and legionella treatment are essential for preventing the occurrence and spread of Legionnaires’ disease in workplaces and facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, spas and more.

Why You Cannot Afford To Ignore Legionella Risk Assessment and Legionella Treatment

Legionella bacteria can be found in all natural water sources. But, given the right environment, it may grow and spread in water systems in buildings, thus posing a serious risk to the health of occupants. For these reasons, health and safety regulations require that employers, landlords or those in control of premises carry out assessments as well as measures to combat Legionnaires’ disease. Failure to do so can lead to heavy fines and even imprisonment. Remember: a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak can seriously damage your organisation’s reputation.

Get Complete Legionella Bacterium Assessment and Control From Legionella Risk Assessment London Experts

legionella treatment companies provide reliable legionella testing and control services for businesses and organisations throughout London and the U.K. These firms employ certified legionella experts who are fully aware of various health and safety regulations as well as all HSE guidelines, and provide complete legionella risk London assessments and services for all types of facilities.

Large buildings, such as office blocks, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, museums and schools, are typically more vulnerable to legionella contamination, as they have larger, more complex water systems in which the bacteria can grow and quickly spread. Many facility managers don’t appreciate and acknowledge the risk of legionella contamination.

According to health and safety regulations and HSE guidelines for the control of legionella, it is the responsibility of landlords or those in control of facilities to make sure that the risk of exposure is controlled. Therefore, assessing the risk of exposure, and if need be, implementing appropriate legionella treatment measures is a duty, not a choice. Failure to carry out your obligations can lead to serious consequences, including heavy fines or imprisonment.

To help you meet your obligations, legionella risk assessment London experts and legionella treatment London contractors provide professional and thorough risk assessments and control solutions. They can help you manage your legionella levels safely and efficiently.

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