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Yahoo mail vs gmail- which one is the best?

Author: Walder Smith
by Walder Smith
Posted: Apr 25, 2019
yahoo mail

Gone are the times when you posted letters in the letterboxes and waited for a week to receive a response. Today’s world is based on electronics and software, and in this century, there is no place for posting letters. Be it a job interview call or sending some pictures, everything is done over the internet via electronic mails. Acting through a wireless network, emails are a hundred times faster than the posted letter delivery network, thanks to the fantastic algorithms which has made the delivery time in nanoseconds.

Various mailing platforms are ubiquitous in the WWW network, and some of them are fiercely competing against each other since an era. Moreover, amidst these, Yahoo and Gmail, both are quite considerable by people all across the world. Both have their own set of cons and pros which make them unique and special. However, at some point in time, contradictions are bound to happen.

Comparing Gmail with Yahoo mail service is a familiardilemma that users face from all around the world. Sometimes, they are compelled to brand Gmail as the best while other times they consider that Yahoo is more lucid and more comfortable to work.

So, let’s have a look at the significant comparison between both the Gmail and the Yahoo mail.


In Yahoo, you will get a free storage area of around 1 TB or TetraByte for which you don’t even have to pay any extra charges. This much free memory is the best option you have when you are thinking of storing old emails and large attachments.

However, in Gmail, the maximum free memory allowed is 15GB, which is again shared between the G drive and the Google Plus networks. If you want more than this, you need to pay a surcharge of 2$ USD every month for 100GB memory. For this, make sure to contact Yahoo mail support.


In the case of Gmail, login security is set in two different phases, which secures the email accounts of the users. Also, if the account is being accessed from some other device, a confirmation message is sent to the user. In the case of Yahoo, sign-in-seal technology is used against the account hacking. Also, the users are allowed to alter the times they avail the automatic logout mechanism.


You can have access to the mobile versions of these emailing platforms from both the Android and the iOS. However, there are considerable differences between the mobile versions. On one side, you can view the Gmail mobile application anytime without having to log in for multiple times. In Yahoo, you can change the background theme as you desire. Gmail mobile app is more secure as compared to the Yahoo mail. If any problem with the mobile app, you can quickly contact the Yahoo mail help phone number to solve the issue.


In Gmail, you can attach a single document or file of maximum 20 MB memory in a single email. However, on the other hand, Yahoo doesn’t offer such a high attachment limit. In the free version of Yahoo mail, you can attach a file maximum of 10 MB memory. For sending attachments of more memory, call on Yahoo Toll Free number.

So yes, considering this factor, Gmail is far better than Yahoo. Also, in Gmail, if you are considering sending files more than 20 MB, then you can use the Google drive files to send them. Merely share the file with the receiver’s mail address.

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Author: Walder Smith

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