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Natural Remedies For Hay Fever

Author: Ramesh Kamble
by Ramesh Kamble
Posted: Apr 25, 2019

Natural Remedies for Hay fever.

When we hear word hay fever we assume that it’s a fever. It is an allergic condition. It’s called as energic granite. Some allergies are continues for long time. Its causes like dust, any type of food. Hay fever mostly affected in particular season like spring season, autumn or it comes by changes in weather. It also comes before the rainy season starts. This allergy stays for some period in a year. This allergy especially comes from pollen. When we inhale the pollen inside with oxygen then this allergy has started. Hay fever spreads through air.

What are the symptoms of Hay Fever?

In Hay fever Water comes through nose and eyes, lot of sneeze comes, itching in eyes, face and nose. These three parts affects the most in Hay fever.

How to be safe from Hay Fever?

If you know that you have allergy like this so keep avoiding go to any farms or any airy place. So stay in home mostly in air condition. Close your home windows. In this fever eyes itches a lot so when you go outside so use sun glasses. When you goes outside use oil or petroleum jelly for nostrils to be aware from pollen. This is the best way to be safe from pollen.

Natural Remedies

1-Apple cider Vinegar Drink

Take about 1 to 8 cups of apple cider vinegar and it to 16 ounces of water. You can drink it all at once or use it little by little the whole day. Take this medication thrice a day as soon as you experience the symptoms of Hay fever. This would help to eradicate it within 3 hours. If the symptoms are there for a day and then you start this remedy then it takes 24 hours to cure the hay fever symptoms. Repeat this remedy until all the symptoms fades away.


You can chew some garlic pieces and after drink some water before going to bed. If you are unable to chew garlic then drink through water.

3-Vitamin C

Take fresh orange juice or lemon juice they are fully loaded with vitamin C. This juice is very helpful to get rid from Hay Fever.

4-Turmeric Drink

Take one glass of water and add one tea spoon of ground turmeric or turmeric powder. Mix it properly and have it. Immediately you feel better after this drink.

5-Mixture of Essential Oils

Take one bowl then take few drops of peppermint oil, lavender oil, blue gum oil, eucalyptus oil and basil oil then mix it properly. Take 4 to 5 drops of this mixture to a handkerchief and sniff it regularly to get immediate relief from Hay Fever.


Honey is the best remedy for Hay Fever. Take 3 teaspoons of pure honey everyday to get rid from Hay fever. This is one of the best home remedy.

So these are some natural remedies for hay fever. This will help you the most

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