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Primary, Secondary and Tertiary keywords | keyword optimization

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Apr 26, 2019
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Keywords are words and phrase, people types in the search box to find the products and services. You have to know which keywords are searching for people to finding your products and services. By doing keyword optimization (or) keyword research to make a list of all keywords then choose primary, secondary and tertiary keywords.

When you are creating a new website or writing an article, keywords will play the main role in the SEO part. Primary, secondary and tertiary keywords will help direct traffic from Search engine to your website.

All are using only primary keyword when setting up SEO, but they did not focus on the secondary and tertiary keywords. Understand their purpose and use the right way both secondary and LSI keywords and get traffic to your website from the right audience.

Primary Keyword:

A primary keyword is the name of your web page or an article. That keyword is used always first then other keywords on a webpage or an article.

The primary keyword must and should be added to your web page title, URL and description. And the primary keyword should be added in the first paragraph on the webpage or an article.

The primary keyword is a part of SEO and it will decide, what is overall content is about. Don’t select simply any keyword. Before selecting check-in that keyword has a volume and competition is there are not. If you choose the keyword which has no volume and no competition, it will not help your business and simply you’re wasting your time.

The primary keyword is very important on your webpage.

Good Choice for your Primary Keyword:

By using Google trends, you can check how much search volume is there for keywords. Notice that "digital marketing course", "online marketing course", and "internet marketing course" every keyword search volume is different.

You can’t pick like what keyword in your mind. You need to check which keyword volume is low (or) medium (or) high and choose the best keyword for your services.


When your competitors are choosing their primary keywords by gut feeling, their option probably not be great. It’s just high expansive for you and a lot of companies are fighting for "digital marketing course" keyword.

If you go for PPC also you have to bid a high cost per click for that. Even if you bid high also you don’t know the conversion is there or not.

Your competitors are working only on "digital marketing course" keyword because the competition is high for that keyword. If you choose "Digital marketing course" might be a long-term goal for you to get rank on the first page.

Your competitors are not working on a "digital marketing training" keyword. You can use that information and work on digital marketing training keyword. Definitely, you will get rank in the next three months. Once you get the first rank for that keyword, then automatically you will get more traffic from your competitors.

Secondary Keyword:

Secondary keyword is using after the use of a primary keyword. The secondary keyword helps to the supporting role of primary keyword.

If you target only primary keywords, It has high search volume, but definitely, it will take time to get good rank in search results.

That’s why on the other hands, you have to target the secondary keywords also that will help to get rank quickly.

If anybody is starting to the new website, alternatively you should target the secondary keywords also. Because all are targeting only the primary keywords, they are not targeting the secondary keywords. If you target both primary and secondary keywords at a time when you are writing an article, then it’s easy to get rank quickly. This is the main advantage of secondary keywords.

What role do the secondary keywords play?

Along with other SEO techniques, keywords will play the main role in helping search engines to find your site. When you are doing SEO for your website or article, selecting the right keyword is the main part. When you are doing SEO optimization, the main part is selecting one primary keyword or phrase and more secondary keywords.


For any website, you have to target the right audiences. That meaning is who are searching for your services or content. In that time primary, secondary and tertiary keywords will help you.

PPC Campaigns:

When you are running a PPC Campaign, keywords are the main important for your Ad. If you select the right keywords for your Ad, definitely you will get profits.

Tertiary keyword (or) LSI Keyword:

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are related to your primary keyword. So many peoples are thinking LSI keywords are synonyms. But that is wrong. LSI keywords are simply words that are related to the same content.


  1. If it finds the words: ‘facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘twitter’, ‘Instagram’, ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘engagement’, your article is probably about social media.
  2. It finds the words like: ‘vehicles’, ‘hero Honda’, ‘Yamaha’, ‘Bullet’, ‘Bajaj’, ‘buy’, ‘sell’, ‘repair’, your article is probably about bikes.
  3. If it finds the words: ‘biryani’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘non-vegetarian’, ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’, ‘South Indian’, ‘north Indian’, your article is probably about food.
LSI Keywords can improve your ranking?

Now Google is looking lesser than 2.5% keyword density at your page overall content. If you maintain below 2.5% keyword density means your page keyword optimization is good.

If you cross above 2.5% of keyword density on your overall content in one page then Google will show notification "you exceed keyword density ", in that time you can go safe side by using closely related keywords.

The LSI keywords are closer to your primary keyword. By using LSI keywords, you will get rank in search engine for your main keyword.

How to find LSI Keywords:

How to find LSI keywords

Google search:

Just type in your primary keyword and Google will display bold color LSI keywords related to your primary keyword.


My primary keyword is ‘best restaurant in Bangalore’.

First Google bolds the primary keyword and it also bolds the LSI keywords also, if you add all LSI keywords related to the main keyword, it will benefit for your page SEO ranking.

Google search related to:

If you type any keyword in the search box then Google will show all results related to your keyword. If you scroll to the bottom of the search engine result page, then you will see search related keywords.

Here you will find more LSI keyword related to your primary keywords:

  1. Buffet restaurant
  2. Candlelight dinner
  3. Famous food places

Collect all LSI keywords and add to your page it will help you rank higher for your primary keyword.

Keyword optimization:

Keyword optimization is also called as keyword implementation. It is the process of researching, analyzing and selecting the right keywords for your right audience and to get traffic from search engine to your website.

The keyword research is the main part for both paid and organic search, if you select the wrong keyword for your target audience, later if you did keyword optimization also you can’t get good results. So, it’s very important to select the right keyword.

Title Tag:
  1. A title is the heart of your website to both on-page and off-page SEO.
  2. Use target keywords in the title tag.
  3. Use a combination of keywords to get rank for multiple keywords.
  4. Length of the title tag is 55-60 characters.
  5. Give capital letters for every word.
  6. Keywords can be separate with the help | (or): (or) – these symbols.
  7. End the title tag with the website name.
Meta Description:
  1. It shows the summary of the page in search results.
  2. Length of the Meta description is 155 characters.
  3. Use target keywords in the description.
  4. Show Unique Selling Point (USP) in the description.
  5. It must end with a good call-to-action (CTA).

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to identify each page on the website, URL is the name of your webpage.

  1. Use target keywords in the URL.
  2. Make the URL based on the hierarchy on site.
  3. A separate keyword with "-" symbol.
  4. Don’t use multiple levels in the URL.
  5. Don’t use capital letters in the URL.
Header tags:

There are 6 types of header tags are there:

H1 Tag: Use H1 tag to your page title and add your primary keyword in that page title. Don’t use multiple H1 tags in one page.

H2 Tag: Main headings are H2 tags (example: chapter names). Use more than one H2 tag on one page and try to use your secondary and LSI keywords in the H2 tag.

H3 Tag: The H3 tag is coming under an H2 tag. The Sub-headings are H3 tags and use multiple H3tags on one page.

H4 to H6: The H4 to H6 tags are coming under H3 tag and the sub-sub-headings are the H4 to H6 tags. You can use an N number of times.

Image Optimization:
  1. Maintain at least one image on every page.
  2. Use ALT+X for all the images.
  3. Use the name of the image target keywords.

For selecting a keyword is the main important for your website (or) article. And apply keyword optimization right way by the following SEO guidelines and to get traffic form your website.

I hope now you get an idea about how to use primary, secondary and tertiary keywords and keyword optimization.

Source: Primary, secondary and Tertiary keywords | keyword optimization

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