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Show Me Mini Whiteboards – An Excellent New Teaching Tool

Author: Jill Smith
by Jill Smith
Posted: Jun 17, 2014

Gone are the days when school teachers would use a chalk board at the front of the class to aid in their teaching. Firstly, chalk boards have been replaced by white boards and now there are new and innovative ways of teaching which have come about by the introduction of mini whiteboards. Read on to find out more.

Whiteboards began to appear on the market in the 1960's, but at this time they were only wet wipe boards as dry wipe markers were not introduced until the 1970's when the manufacturers saw potential in this method of dry erase. Chalk boards were always used as the main form of teaching aid for schools and in the workplace. One of the biggest issues that arose in the late 1990's was that the chalk dust produced when using these boards was affecting students and teachers alike in a negative way. It became obvious that there were quite serious health implications from the dust off these boards and so this is when white boards became widely used in educational establishments as well as in the workplace, and by this time white boards were established well enough that they were more cost effective so could easily be placed in each school room.

Although whiteboards are excellent for class discussions and getting across information to the whole class at the same time, there are many occasions when it benefits both the students and teachers to use Mini Whiteboards. The most popular form of show me mini whiteboards are plain boards. They are so versatile and so can be used for any type of lesson and a variety of activities. They are ideal for students to use for drawing, maths or writing. Their most popular use is for students to write down an answer to a question which the whole class is given, and then when they have their answer they show the teacher. This way it encourages all students to get involved in class discussions whilst learning. It also enables the teachers to get a good clear idea of who is doing well and who is a little slow or may potentially need extra help.

There is so much more to the range of show me mini whiteboards that the plain boards. This brand has a selection of specially printed mini whiteboards for every lesson you could think of. For example, there are boards designed to help children with their handwriting, there are mini whiteboards which are designed for story telling with space for writing and then space for drawing illustrations too. There are specially designed show me mini whiteboards for telling the time, and for older children there are even boards which have the UK, European and World maps printed on them. There is so much more than this too. So why not take a look at our range and see how they could be used as an excellent teaching tool for all ages!


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