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Safety Masks: Types & Benefits Of Use

Author: Pragya Sharma
by Pragya Sharma
Posted: Apr 29, 2019
safety mask

The renowned and experienced exporter and supplier companies of Maharashtra and other states in India produce safety mask products for serving various purposes. A range of safety masks have been named after their use such as industrial safety mask, plastic safety mask, hospital safety mask, blue safety mask etc. which are hugely used in various industrial and hospital operations. In fact, due to the several air pollutions outside, people have started wearing safety masks wherever they go, which are actually better be called as respiratory masks.Such safety masks are basically light in weight so that people can wear them without any hazards and perform their jobs normally. Most of the respiratory, surgical and comfort masks, which are counted as safety masks, are prepared with top-graded plastic materials. These are no doubt durable enough to be used for year after years.

Different types of safety masks:Respiratory masks (or industrial masks) –For a few particular professions, this safety equipment has a mandatory use. These offer protection against airborne and harmful contaminants which can cause major illness especially in those groups of people who work in the exposure of hazardous materials for a longer time in a regular manner. These masks are also called as industrial masks and should be used as

  • As per CDC or Centre for Disease Control, medical people should wear these when in contact of their patients, especially who are suffering from H1N1. They should wear respiratory masks to avoid contamination and infection from others.• In the areas where chemical manufacturing works are going on, employees and visitors should wear such masks to avoid inhalation of dangerous gases.• Working consistently with asbestos material, can cause lung diseases which has no cure. So, it’s mandatory to wear a respiratory mask for the workers.• In the agricultural or construction industry, it can help in avoiding fumes and dusts of the fertilizers, pesticides, etc. • In the automotive industry, wearing respiratory masks can defend welfare of the workers.• In the nuclear industry, presence of electrical utilities can be avoided with a respiratory mask• People, who are prone to allergens, pathogens, and various other airborne diseases, should wear respiratory masks especially in the public places.

Surgical masks (or hospital masks) –

FDA has issued permission for using surgical masks for the hospital use only as these are not able to offer protection to the lungs or any kinds of airborne hazards. Such types of masks are typically used for the surgical procedure and to be worn by the surgeons and they dispose them after use. Surgical masks are able to safeguard large sized elements expelled by the medical people including mucous or spit and prevent them from entering the environment. So, during an operation, if the surgeon sneezes or coughs, it will not affect the scenario. Comfort masks –

These are not supported by FDA and comfort masks are completely different from the other types of masks discussed above. It can protect from dusts.So, choose your type of safety mask and buy it from a reputed supplier of Maharashtra.

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