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A complete guide for Waterless Car Wash

Author: Anil Sethi
by Anil Sethi
Posted: May 03, 2019

At Manmachine, we are aware of the things ongoing phase in Indian car wash industry and water scarcity across the globe. There are cities and countries facing water scarcity and the government has placed restrictions on water usage. We hold pride in offering a waterless car wash one of the car wash methods. Not just it is best for the environment but it is even providing an ultimate result just like car wash done using water.

Here is the car wash deal…

You have heard probably about the waterless car wash or spraying car wash, but you have no idea absolutely what exactly it is! In this blog from Manmachine, we have tried to cover up the basic features of the waterless car wash, the outcome you can achieve and how actually you can get the car washed using a minimal amount of water. This means, having less water usage, and availing maximum cleanliness is the main goal of this blog tagged under the brand name of Manmachine.

Discussing the concept of Waterless car wash:

What exactly is a waterless car wash? It is an eco-friendly and much efficient car wash method which consumes very less water or say next to no water. Sometimes it is even known as a steam car wash. In layman’s language, it is called as a spray over the car exterior surface.

The best part of choosing waterless or steam car wash is that no water car wash is easier to perform than any traditional type of car wash in producing the accurate and best result! It even permits the car detailers to get your car serviced in very narrow space along with saving a good quantity of water. Waterless car wash product is the latest and much advanced than regular soaps which are used in mobile car washes as they require to compensate for the lack of water. Thus, the waterless car wash efficiency is better in comparison to any water-based method including bucket wash, foam wash or high-pressure car wash.

Working of a waterless Car wash:

A waterless car wash basically uses few high lubricity sprays for polishing and washing the bodywork of the car. The high lubricity chemical of spray encapsulates any dust and dirt particles. The method is similar to the process of water removing the dirt but the chemical constituents of the car wash products are comparatively efficient. You simply have to spray the car exterior surface and then further wipe off. This method removes any sort of stains and dirt from the surface of the car. It ideally works for a car that doesn’t have dried and thick mud layer to clean. A waterless car wash is even recommended for vehicles with minor dirt.

Wiping off the car using the waterless car wash method is recommended by any car detailer as water can sometimes lead to an adverse impact on the car health if washing went wrong. However, you might use a soft microfiber towel for wiping off the car to bring the ultimate shine. Using a microfiber towel is recommended because of the high absorbing capacity and softness that helps to scoop up the dirt particles. If the product of waterless car wash is properly used, it will surely not cause any sort of damage or cause a scratch to the car painted surface.

Environmental Impact of a waterless car wash:

Most of the car washes use various quantities of water as they drown the bodywork in the water and soap for removing dirt from the car as soon as possible.

Products of Waterless car wash:

Most of the professional detailers use homemade essentials by mixing up different types of lubricity sprays. We strongly recommend you not to try yourself unless you are an expert in car detailing. You are better off in purchasing the waterless car cleaners. The product of waterless car cleaners will charge you maximum and will permit you to wash the car 5 to 6 times. There are many popular products in car detailing market that are high in demands. There is a company which sells high-quality ready for using waterless car wash products. The products used at Manmachine is one of the best ways to attain premium waterless car wash.

A step-by-step guide to performing a waterless car wash at home:

To performing a waterless car wash at home by yourself, you need many soft and clean microfiber towels and different ready to use waterless car wash products. Experts always recommend using 300 GSM weight towels. Using any low-quality towel can directly damage the appearance of the car. If the car has a layered mud and dirt then it is always recommended to rinse the car because a waterless car wash won’t be much effect on the caked mud. We have provided a step-by-step guide below using which you can get your car cleaned in less time:

Step 1: initiate the cleaning process by using microfiber and folding it to half for forming eight usable sides. Always remember to use microfiber towels in place of any cotton cloths as it offers good softness and high absorbency that helps to scoop the layered dust particles.

NOTE: experts recommend to ensure that the towel is clean before using them for car wash purpose.

Step 2: always prefer to wash your car in segments so here comes the second step of mentally splitting the car into few sections over which you can work and carry your cleaning task. You can segment as:

  • The roof
  • Side glass
  • Hood and trunk
  • Rear bumper
  • Front bumper
  • The lower half of the side doors
  • wheels

for every section, you need to use different microfiber so as to achieve an ultimate outcome from the waterless car wash. Incorrectly usage of microfiber towel can lead to scratch marks over the vehicle body. Never reuse a dirty towel without washing it.

Step 3: usually any car detailer starts car wash at the top section so as to avoid dirt spilling when using cleaning products over the roof. Simply spray the car wash product onto one folded cloth and onto the car’s surface. Gently wipe using cloth and then buff using another clean towel.

Step 4: Wipe it lightly using in a common direction. Wipe off the body gently without excess pressure application. Avoid circle application.

Step 5: when the microfiber towel gets too dirty then use another side of the towel. We recommend using another towel when cleaning brakes as you must be aware of the fact that brakes pads hold chemical fluid that can be harmful to car exterior surface.


Manmachine believes that waterless car wash is the future of the car cleaning. Encourage the local washer to get your car washed without using water and bring out ultimate results for your car.

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