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5 Ways How to Choose a Best Cricket Bat – Players Stop

Author: Playersstop India
by Playersstop India
Posted: May 03, 2019

Choosing a Best Cricket Bat is very tough task for a cricket player. When we watch match and see our favorite cricket players, we always consider its playing style, equipments and a most important thing is its bat. When we pick cricket bats there are so many things we have to consider and we must have some knowledge before buying any cricket bats. One of the major term is budget before choose a best Cricket Bat we always set of budget. In this article, we will tell you about some ways to choose best cricket bats at a very lowest budget. There is some key specification which we must know about every bat before buying any cricket bat.

Here is 5 Ways How to Choose a Best Cricket Bats

1. Set your Budget Goal

Set your budget goal makes easy to you to choose a best cricket bat according to your price range. You never bought anything without your budget range. So, you should have budget set for your best cricket bat is always best decision before visit any store. Although price is not a big issue for cricket bat it just only the consideration. Cricket Bats have a many ranges in each brand from lower to higher. If player likes the style and shape of the bat then he choose the specific model with comes within its range.

2. Select your favorite Brand

Cricket Bats are developed by many brands such as SS, TON, SF, SM, BDM, SG, KOOKABURRA, MRF, SPARTAN etc. So, if you have any selective brand choice then I will become easy for you to choose best cricket bat. Because there are so many brands which makes cricket bats so it becomes hard to select a cricket bats from multiple brands. If you don’t have brand in your mind then first select the brand then choose a bat.

3. Pick a Right Size and Weight for you

When you picking a right size of cricket bats then your height plays a vital role to choosing a selective size of cricket bat. Cricket bats commonly comes in different sizes like long handle, short handle, harrow size and junior size which comes from 6 to 1. Let me also break the myth that bigger the bat the better it is for stroke play.

Your height is your best way to choosing the right sized bat. If your bat is either too short or tall, you will find your shape completely imbalanced when lining up to face a delivery. You don’t want to be crouching down too low when getting ready to face a delivery because your bat is too short, nor too upright because your bat is too long. Performance can then suffer because you aren’t in the perfect position right away to play the delivery. If you have a bat in past then you will be feel confident while choosing new cricket bats.

4. Select the Willow and Grade of the Bat

The most demanding cricket bats willow is English willow and Kashmir willow. English willow is one of the most popular willows which are used by every professional cricket players. So, this is also a major factor which you must know which willow bat you want to purchase. The most selective willow is English willow so if you are perfect in cricket and you want to improve more performance and also one more important thing in English willow cricket bats you can see the bat has a grains very sharp and very beautiful but in Kashmir Willow Cricket bat there is no grains available. Bat grains show the quality of the willow of your bat.

And Second factor is grade in cricket bats, cricket bats are divided into multiple grades from grade 1 to grade 5. The most popular grade is grades 1 which bat quality is very high and also grade 1 bat are endorsed by all national and international cricket players. So, choose a grade according to your requirement.

5. Look the perfect pick up

We would all love a bat with a massive profile and a very low weight, but this is extremely rare. There has always been much discussion about the heavy bats with massive profile being able to always hit the ball further but we don’t always agree with this. If you select a lighter bat, then most likely the thickness of the profile and edge, will be smaller, but this is not an issue. As everybody is different in terms of their physique and strength, the most important thing is to choose a bat which feels right for you. Most people are unable to differentiate between bats which vary only slightly in weight; it is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between bats that is 2.8 lbs. and 2.9 lbs. So it’s best to choose a bat that just feels right for you.

We hope these 5 major factors helps you to choose best cricket bat. If you are looking for purchasing best as well as original cricket bats and cricket equipments then visit our online store

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