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4-Nitro Aniline Market – Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2023

Author: Priyanka Thakare
by Priyanka Thakare
Posted: May 03, 2019

Amines have a significant role in the biology and chemical industry. Aniline and its derivatives are used in the production of pesticides, dyes, and antioxidants. 4-Nitroaniline is used as an intermediate in the production of antiozonants and gasoline additives and pigments. Few para-substituted derivatives of aniline are confined anesthetics and within these molecules, the amino group plays a significant role in the interface with the parallel receptor. 4-Nitroaniline, also known as 1-amino-4-nitrobenzene and p-nitroaniline is known by the chemical formula C6H6N2O2. It is an organic compound with molecular weight of 138.1mol/g and melting point of 146 degree celcius. 4-Nitroaniline presents a class of single aromatic agents bearing a nitro and amino group among which many are known to be carcinogens. 4-Nitroaniline on heating may cause explosion. Toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides are formed on combustion of 4-Nitroaniline. The substance is a strong oxidant and reacts with combustible and reducing materials. It also reacts with organic materials in existence of moisture causing fire hazard. 4-Nitroaniline is produced industrially through amination of 4-nitrochlorobenzene.

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4-Nitroaniline is a chromogenic molecule that is used as a dyestuff intermediate in industrial applications. In the field of biochemical research enzyme assays use modified aminoacyl as substrates. The enzyme catalyzes the discharge of free 4-Nitroaniline, which is the basis of the colorimetric purpose of the enzyme activity. The applications of colorimetric properties of p-nitroaniline include the design of biopolymer drug delivery systems and of solid supports for enzyme immobilization. 4-Nitroaniline also has applications in gum inhibitors, as a corrosion inhibitor and in poultry medicines.

Growing demand for 4-Nitroaniline from the paints and coatings and dye industry is the major factor driving the growth of global 4-Nitroaniline market. Increasing demand from the chemical industry is also expected to boost demand for 4-Nitroaniline in the near future.

Rising health concerns related to 4-Nitroaniline is expected to hamper the growth of the global 4-Nitroaniline market. This organic compound can harm human health by inhalation of the organic compound. 4-Nitroaniline if absorbed can also be toxic to skin causing irritation. Open cuts, abraded or irritated skin should not be exposed to this material. Entry into the blood-stream, via, cuts, lesions or abrasions, can create systemic injury with harmful effects. Repeated or long-term occupational exposure is likely to produce growing health effects relating organs or biochemical systems. Long term exposure to high dust concentrations may cause changes in lung function i.e. pneumoconiosis; caused by particles less than 0.5 micron penetrating and remaining in the lung. Prolonged exposure may produce liver damage in workers.

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW) are the major segments for global 4-Nitroaniline market. Asia Pacific is expected to boost demand for 4-Nitroaniline owing to the growing demand from the end user industries, especially the paints and coatings industry. North America and Europe are also expected to fuel demand due to large consumption of 4-Nitroaniline in the near future.

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Some of the key companies profiled for global 4-Nitroaniline market include: Prashant Group, PANOLI INTERMEDIATES (INDIA) PVT. LTD., Kamla Intermediates (India), Nanavati Specialty Chemicals Pvt.Ltd., Hemachemical Co., Kolorjet Chemical Pvt Ltd, Kamala Intermediates, Vipul Dye Chem Ltd, Kasrandas Mavji, Ashu Organics (India) Pvt. Ltd., METROPOLITAN EXIMCHEM LTD, Deepak Nitrite, Alfa Aesar, Cayman Chemical, Lobal Chemie Laboratory Reagents & Fine Chemicals and Supreme Globe Exports among others.

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