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Examining 10 cm Backsplashes at Kitchen Showrooms in Perth

Author: The Maker
by The Maker
Posted: May 04, 2019

When you visit kitchen showrooms in Perth, you may still see the 10 cm backsplash that used to be the standard size. The 10 cm backsplash was used in construction and prefabricated projects for many decades until the full tile backsplash became popular. However, even today many homeowners still want the 10 cm backsplash for their kitchen, and it’s starting to become a mainstay in new and renovated kitchens. Some professional kitchen designers don’t like the 10 cm backsplash, but it is a budget friendly option that cannot be ignored. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of a 10 cm kitchen backsplash.

What is a 10 cm Kitchen Backsplash?

For those new to kitchen designs in Perth, the backsplash is the section of the kitchen countertop that extend at a 90º up the wall. It’s a way to stop splashes hitting the painted or tiled wall above the kitchen countertop. Many modern kitchens have a backsplash that extends from the countertop right up to the bottom of any cabinets above. As the name would suggest, the 10 cm backsplash only extends a shorter distance up the wall.

5 Advantages of a 10 cm Backsplash

Lower Costs: A 10 cm kitchen backsplash will use far less material compared to a full length backsplash. The fabrication and installation costs will also be far cheaper.

A Versatile Option: The straight design of a shorter and more simple backsplash is very easy to use in a wide variety of kitchen themes.

A Cleaner Look: If the 10 cm backsplash is made from the same material as the kitchen countertop it will create an extremely clean and uniform appearance that’s easy to clean.

A Cozy Feel: Sometimes a sheet of steel or marble can make a kitchen feel cold and uninviting. This can work well in ultra-modern kitchen designs, but it’s not for everyone, and a 10 cm back backsplash will make the ceiling feel lower.

Protection: The 10 cm backsplash will offer plenty of protection for the kitchen walls, but not as much as you would get with a full length backsplash.

3 Disadvantages of a 10 cm Backsplash

An Outdated Style: Everyone has a different sense of style; many kitchen designers believe that a 10 cm backsplash is an outdated style. However, it can work very well in a more traditional kitchen, and it cannot be easily dismissed.

A Lack of Protection: Some people don’t like the lack of height in a 10 cm backsplash and the associated splashes on the wall. This can be a problem if the people using the kitchen are very tall or a little slapdash when cooking.

A Smaller Size: A 10 cm backsplash can alter the perception of the person looking at it, and it will make the ceiling seem lower than it really is. If you’re going for a larger and spacious kitchen, this may not be the right backsplash choice.

If you’re looking for the best kitchen designs in Perth WA, visit us at The Maker and we will be happy to offer some expert help and advice.

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