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Content Marketing Hacks to write Appealing content

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: May 07, 2019
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We had already discussed 6 Things You Should do for Content Marketing Strategy. Today we are going to discuss some Content Marketing Hacks to write appealing content.

As everyone knows Content is really what matters most whether it may be in terms of an advertisement or for an SEO.

When you search some of your queries on the Search Engines you will get N number of results.

Let say, you want to create content for the same query So, How do you make the difference and get noticed?

For, starters by focusing on what matters most: goals and ‘audiences’ or personas.

On top of a content marketing hacks, you need a content strategy. The goal of content marketing and/or a content strategy is engagement.

Now, many people think engagement is a silly buzzword and in a sense it is. However, engagement is crucial and is measured by the outcomes. Engagement is really ultimately about driving to action and desired outcomes.

How to write great compelling content

Take your own time writing first few contents for blog posts, you can figure out your style, what you like writing about, you can figure out what readers like and what they don’t like. Once you have that you can start building a format that is to figure out the structure of your blog post.

Writing a Basic Template

You create a basic template, introduction, body, and conclusion/Summary. Now that you have the template what you want to do is to fill them in every time you have new blog posts.

Like when writing the blog post I will first write the introduction, I always have 3 to 5 headings for my body, so I take the main idea and them into headings, and then I write my conclusion.

It could be a few paragraphs or it could be a few bullets point. It can be whatever I decide I want and that’s what I fill my template with.

Adding Common Creative Images

The next step is Images you want get figure out a way to get images fasts. There’s a lot of free stocks photography sites out there I love using Pixabay, Canva to create great images considering creative commons images.

Without Images your blog posts won’t do well because the picture says thousands of words. No one just wants to read a text.

Creating a rule

The next thing you need to do is create a rule, so here some rules that we used for our own blog and you can copy them if you want for your blog. You can always use the words "you" and "I" within blog posts. I do it the same for my blog posts.

It feels like it’s a conversation between "you" and "I".

The next thing that I do is use paragraphs that are short. You can consider using Yoast SEO, it gives suggestions to use the words up to 20 words per line, which in turn gives clear and conciseness.

It helps the reader to understand the easily what you are going to say.

The next steps, I used 3 to four images throughout my blog posts, I also link out to sites that cite my research.

Those are my main rules, you can create your own, If you follow these tips you can build your blog writing process. And it shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to write a blog post.

You can use the buzz sumo for finding the hot keywords and include those in your article.

Keywords Research Methods

There are many different ways to do keywords research and tons of keywords research tools to do it. I’m not saying you can be used the same way or the same tools to carry on the keywords research tools. But for me, it works differently.

So I am going to map the keywords research process with some simple tips.

You can Use Google trends and compare a keyword to a keyword of which you know how much traffic it gets.

Then I used sites like and ubersuggest for free keywords research. and KeywordsEverywhere are also best and it really works for me.

There are other sites like Ahrefs and SMErush for the best results. You can go ahead use this tools however you want to.

Steps to create appealing content
  • Produce good content. The Audience looks at what good content is and you know it: it’s good if it works.
  • Add content curation to your content strategy, gather information which is relevant to your particular topic.
  • Generate new ideas, iterate and take ‘lean content’ into account.
  • Empower your Audience and create Interest in them.
Some tips to Write an attention Grabbing Content.
  • Attention Grabbing Headlines- You have to give your audience what they want to hear. Like you can always consider choosing headline and include the user intent keywords.
  • Always Brand Yourself- when you create a content use your brand’s logo or text or website address, let say you have created an infographic with good content information in it. So you consider include your brand name which in future it is helpful in getting the organic traffic to your website or a Blog.
  • Always give some valuable insight advice to the readers, sometimes as practical advice so you can make value to your audience as a blog.
  • Always use appealing visuals to grab the attention of the audience easily.
  • Keep it clear, concise and focused content.
  • Create actionable content

The Key is to be unique and valuable and give people reason to follow your updates so that they would eagerly wait for the next article.

Hope I’m able to provide to give you some content marketing hacks to create great content, now you can go ahead and try it of your own

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