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Dangers of Improper Boiler Installation

Author: Seller Ben
by Seller Ben
Posted: Jun 19, 2014

The boiler is probably the most important part of a central heating system. It is used in all gas and oil heating systems, where it burns a fire that’s fuelled by the supply of natural gas or oil in order to heat a home. Proper boiler installation is essential in ensuring efficient, safe, reliable operation. Licensed plumbers Weybridge contractors provide professional boiler installation, repair and service for both residential and commercial properties to ensure a complete, properly working heating system.

Problems Associated With Improper Boiler Installation

Quality, properly installed boilers provide tremendous benefits, including quiet operation, clean heating, long lifespan and low maintenance and repair needs. But you won’t enjoy these benefits if your boiler is not installed properly.

A bad boiler installation typically occurs because of an inexperienced property owner trying to do the job by himself or an amateur plumbing Wandsworth contractor. Boiler installation is a complicated task and needs to be completed by trained and certified plumbers Weybridge professionals to handle it. Here are the common problems that come with improper boiler installation work.

Improper water circulation: a hot water boiler heats water, which is then distributed throughout the home in pipes to radiate heat into the rooms with either a cast iron radiator (older homes) or steel radiator (newer homes). Improper pipe placement due to poor planning can lead to loss of heating or wasted energy as a result of poor use of space.

Loose connections: poor copper soldering, which might be performed by amateur tradesmen, can lead to loose connections to the boiler expansion tank. This often causes leaks, which can get worse and reduce the efficiency of the entire heating system.

Dangers from gas leaks: this is probably the most serious problem that you can encounter due to improper boiler installation. Never allow anyone except a qualified boiler repair Weybridge expert to handle your boiler installation if you’re planning on installing a natural gas boiler. Dangerous carbon monoxide leaks may occur as a result of shoddy connections to the gas line. While there may be no immediate danger from gas leaks, bad gas flow can cause issues due to bad pilot lights and/or gas burners.

Only Trust Boiler Repair Weybridge Professionals with Your Boiler

The above-mentioned problems typically lead to a boiler that works poorly, unsafely and inefficiently. An inefficient boiler and heating system will not only cost you money, but also run down quickly. If you want a boiler that gives you energy-efficient heat and lasts as long as possible, then you should invest in professional installation services offered by qualified contractors.

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