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How to Choose Wedding Ring for Bride

Author: Rheaume Daniel W
by Rheaume Daniel W
Posted: May 11, 2019

Diamond rings are often used as engagement or wedding rings and will accompany the owner for a lifetime, so don't choose too naive styles or outdated styles, you should choose simple and elegant styles. When buying a diamond ring, a single diamond ring is the best choice, the style is simple and generous, easy to match any hand shape. In addition to the shape of the diamond, there are many shaped diamonds, such as heart-shaped, pear-shaped, drop-shaped, square, etc., but the visually round diamond is larger than other diamonds, so the current diamond ring with single or round diamonds are more popular.

According to the bride's hand shape, the style of the ring is also different:

The hand-shaped standard bride fits the ring of any style, but the simple design makes it possible to set the finger just right. Therefore, the classic traditional four-claw and six-claw design can make the bride look more noble and graceful, and complement the standard hand shape, which is deeply loved by the bride.

The hand-shaped slender bride should avoid the too thin design, and can boldly wear the engraved ring, which not only makes the fingers look full and steady, but also increases the bride's noble temperament. The plum-shaped design is the representative of the sculptural design, which not only adds to the elegance of the bride, but also adds a feminine touch.

A bride with a short finger needs to use a three-dimensional design to increase the overall balance of the fingers and make the fingers look slender and full of temperament. The rose petal series of rings, boldly use the hollow three-dimensional design, the diamonds are more radiant, and show different brilliance, so that the bride wearing it is as beautiful as a blooming rose.

The bride with a short hand shape is more suitable for wearing a slim, streamlined design. This type of design can make the bride's fingers look more slender and elegant. The moonlight series of rings, the streamlined design makes the entire ring show the shape of a bright moon, and the brilliant diamond at the top is the bright moonlight.

The bride with long fingers is suitable for wearing a round wide design. The large ring can visually cover the thicker fingers, making the fingers look slimmer. The style of the bag design is undoubtedly the best choice. This type of ring style adds visually to the wide width of the diamond, which is luxurious and rich.

Slender and beautiful hands: any style and cut diamonds can be perfectly matched with it, if it is a thin ring, hold up a beautiful single diamond, show off your fingers.

The bride with short hand: The simple and long single diamond can visually show the slenderness of the fingers, making it a beautiful addition.

Petite hand: Diamond should not be too big, now the popular single diamond ring is the best choice, simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful in style.

Rough and large hand: The rough wide ring seems to be designed for this type of hand, with a large grained tip and an oval diamond that gives it a good look.

Hand can see more vascularity: If you have a personalized design ring, you can cover the vascularity on your hand.

Thin hands: square, rectangular and round diamonds can help to make it feel good, if you put some small diamonds next to the main diamond, you can make your fingers look colorful.

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