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Commercial Hand Dryers Using Benefits

Author: Lawrence Barnett
by Lawrence Barnett
Posted: May 12, 2019

Depending on specifications on the commercial hand dryer you are looking for. There are a wide variety of brands and models for you to choose from. Just be sure you are buying the best model for your specific business use.

All commercial hand dryers are electric and require permanent installation. The installation is not difficult blue since it's more or less permanent you should take a little time and place it in the best location when installing for the first time.

You may hear that commercial hand dryers are valuable to work but that is not the case. When compared to the cost of using hand towels the cost of an electric hand dryer can actually save you money. Plus the impression you leave on customers is important and we all know the mess that can be left by people using paper towels instead of electric hand dryers.

There are quite a few manufacturers of hand dryers but the vast majority of those sold are made by the top three manufacturers of commercial hand dryers.

Commercial Hand Dryers Popular ModelsThe most popular model/brand of electric hand dryers is the Xlerator brand. A lot of people misspell the name because of the missing 'e' in front of xlerator. Note that the Xlerator brand is not the cheapest available but it is the most popular. Evidently uses have found out the saving a little money up front on a commercial hand dryer may not be the best investment in the long run. The Xlerator line of commercial hand dryers included four different models of hand dryers. You can find more information about each model on the Xlerator hand dryer page on this site.

Another popular brand of hand dryers is the World Dryer. The World Dryer commercial hand dryer is a bit cheaper than the Xlerator brand and the performance is really close. World Dryers do not have the extensive list of different models that Xlerator does so your selection is a lot more limited with the World Dryer models.

Probably the most expensive electric or commercial hand dryer brand is the Dyson Airblade models. The Dyson hand dryer line is limited to just a few models and the price is about twice what you can buy an Xlerator hand dryer for. But the technology used in the Dyson Airblade hand dryer is unlike that used in any other hand dryer. They tend to push the envelope with their hand dryers just like they did in the beginning with their vacuum line.

There are other manufacturers of hand dryers too like the Bobrick hand dryer. Once you get below those brands you are really limited by the selection of hand dryers and you might want to delve into the reputation of the brands as well as their support availability and the availability of spare parts too.

Most hand dryers operate on the same principle. They use electric heating elements to heat the air. A blower blows air across the heated electric coils and the result is the warm/hot air the user feels when drying their hands.The only brand or model that does not use this technique is the Mitsubishi hand dryer. It just uses high pressure air to blow across the users hands with no extra heat at all. This technology is not as popular in commercial hand dryers as those using heated air for drying.

Hand Dryer Options

There are not a lot of options when it comes to hand dryers. They all operate on the principle of using electricity to heat coils and then a fan blows air across the heated coils and that is where the warm air comes from.

Some models are manually started with the push or bump of a bar located on the hand dryer. These have been about for years and years and are being replaced with hand dryers that use electronics to sense the users presence. The user typically waves their hand in front of the hand dryer to start the unit.

Installation of hand dryers is pretty standard. The typically recommend that they are mounted securely to wall studs if in sheetrock walls or using concrete anchors for concrete walls. All units

Require 120VAC so there must be power available at the hand dryer location. The electric is 'hard wired' inside the wall so there is no duplex receptacle (outlet) installed.

Some units have adjustable power 'On' times although most are set at the factory. There are some models that have more power (rated in watts) than other and generally, the higher the wattage, the hotter the air.

Another consideration is the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the hand dryer model. This specification is the result of the size and power of the internal fan inside the commercial hand dryer. Typically the higher the CFM the more powerful the air stream.

So in order to find the most powerful commercial hand dryer, you would want the unit with the highest wattage heating element and the highest CFM of the fan. That combination will result in the most powerful and that usually means a faster drying time for the commercial hand dryer user.

If considering a used hand dryer you should buy a machine that comes with a warranty from the seller. Models of hand dryers come and go so finding parts for older models can be a problem. Plus the older the model the more likely the model has experience heavier usage. You can occasionally find used hand dryers online but you should be extra cautious if that is the way you are leaning in your purchase.

The top manufacturers generally carry a reputation for selling high-quality machines that are designed to last a lifetime. You might find that by spending a little extra money for the initial purchase on a name brand manufacturer that you recognize is a smart thing to do.

Don't forget that there are options available on some hand drying machines and your requirements may require one or more options to ensure adherence to local, state and federal requirements.

Commercial Hand Dryer Comparison CategoriesDrying Time: Can vary widely depending on the model and brand

Energy Efficiency: With electricity costs on the rise, this may be something you want to consider

ADA Compliance: Don't risk heavy fines. Be sure the commercial hand dryer you buy is certified as ADA Compliant Model

Resistance to Vandalism: Some models are built specially to reduce vandalism. Only you can determine just how important this is for your purchase

You have to decide what is most important to you. Is it the hand dryer price? The speed of drying? The reduction of airborne bacteria? Each machine is designed to do a specific job of hand drying.

And yes, we know that for most company owners/managers you just want the best hand dryer for the money. Take a little time to look at the various models and you can make the best long term expense for your company.

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