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Android App Development | Why to choose Native Android App Development

Author: Vivek Kumar
by Vivek Kumar
Posted: May 13, 2019

Over the last few years, the android app development demand has starkly gone up, creating more opportunities for android app developers looking to do something different in application development for businesses. From coding to design, the native mobile apps look pretty different from traditional apps. Also, be it customer engagement, traffic enhancement or build more loyal customers, the mobile app is simply the best solution that has tremendous potential to enable businesses to perform at their best.

What is the native android app development?

A native application is a kind of mobile application program that is deployed to use on a particular platform or device. As native apps are coded for a defined platform, they will interact with and utilize all features and software installed on that platform. Being a device specific, a native app is able to use device-specific hardware and software, which enable the app to take advantages of the latest technology spotted smart devices, for example, global positioning system and advanced camera. This is a great advantage native mobile app provides over the web and cloud-based apps. Choose Native Android App Development Services to build your app excellent in all respects and as per the latest trends and guidelines.

Here are some key benefits of native Android app development:

  • Native Mobile App code runs faster
  • Native apps show up in the app store
  • Mobile apps developed on native platforms are secure and reliable
  • Integrate better with mobile hardware

Customer experience matters the most

Mobile phones are a very personal device. Studies show people spend a major part of their daily activities on Smartphone. From playing online games, watching movies, listening to music to purchasing goods, the Smartphone has become the most preferred tool for people across the world. This has been dominant among youths who have a fast lifestyle.

Your phone is something that you spend the most time on every day. Your activities vary, depending on your needs. You can take the photo of an event you are attending or you can simply browse through the internet to find out information or a product. Also, you largely rely on your Smartphone when it comes to hanging out with people on social networking sites. In simple words, your phone is your best friend that you trust for almost everything you want to do.

According to studies, only 16% of people failed in the first attempt would try a mobile app again. Poor experience is a great barrier preventing users from using an app again.

Put simply, the user experience is something that can make or break the success of your app and Native Android App development provide great UI & UX meets the customer expectation. And so, what the app is going to do for your business will depend on how much people love it. This means it is vitally important to build your mobile application that focuses on customer experience while providing you an ability to run your business effectively. If you cannot afford an in-house team, the best native mobile app development company would be a good choice for you.

About the Author

Vivek is Digital Marketing Strategist at leading Mobile App Development company serving in Indai, USA, and UAE.

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Author: Vivek Kumar

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