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5 Awesome Tips to Clean and Maintain Wool Mattress Toppers

Author: Jessica Arnold
by Jessica Arnold
Posted: May 13, 2019

A mattress topper helps to prolong the lifetime of your mattress as well as keep you comfortable while sleeping. Wool, being a natural material is a popular choice for making toppers because it is breathable and soft. However, maintaining the wool mattress topper can be tricky because of its fibrous structure. Not cleaning it thoroughly can make it a breeding ground of moulds and mildew which can affect your health adversely.

This post shares some easy household tips which will help you to keep the mattress toppers and other types of bedding made of wool, enough clean.

Importance of Woolen Mattress Topper

There are several benefits of choosing wool mattress topper in Canada when you consider the climate. Apart from this, there are several other generic benefits to know about:

  • Wool has good ventilation and regulates the temperature according to the season.
  • It can be used throughout the year because of its insulating property.
  • It is an organic material and hence suitable for those who are prone to allergy.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain if you are employing the right methods.

Tips to Clean Woolen Mattress Toppers

1. Turn and flip the mattress topper regularly

Turning and flipping the mattress topper once a month ensures it wears evenly and hence, feels even when you lie down. If the wearing down is not uniform throughout, it may feel lumpy in places. This also keeps the air circulation through the material even and prevent mould and mildew growth.

2. Allow it to breathe daily

Making the bed every day is a habit that many homeowners practice. But if you have a woolen mattress topper, it is important to unmake the bed occasionally. Pull off any comforter, blankets, duvets and other types of bedding to let your mattress topper "breathe". This means it is aired thoroughly and all the moisture that seeps into it while you seep from your body can evaporate, keeping it dry.

3. Sun bleach the mattress topper occasionally

At least once every three months, lay the mattress topper in the sun. Sunlight can naturally bleach and deodorize the wool, thus renewing its freshness. Hang the mattress from the railing or lay it flat on a clean surface under the sun to keep it fresh. Turn it over after a few hours to make sure both sides of the mattress topper are uniformly bleached by the sun.

4. Spot clean the mattress in case of stains

If you notice any kind of stain on the mattress topper, spot clean it immediately to ensure the stain does not become permanent. This will ensure the mattress topper looks as good as new for a longer period. Spot cleaning can be done easily by dabbing a moist towel and a mild detergent designed for wool on the spots and rubbing moderately till the spots disappear.

5. Avoid dry cleaning wool mattress toppers

Certain types of chemicals are used for dry cleaning which can deteriorate the wool mattress eventually, and is hazardous for people who are sensitive to the materials. Hence, avoiding dry cleaning the mattress topper is a wise choice. The best way to keep your mattress clean is to prevent any dirt and grime getting into the material. Moreover, cleaning materials like Lysol and bleach can emit harmful fumes which are harmful to your health.

Wool mattress toppers are one of the most essential types of bedding that you should invest in so that the longevity of your mattress is increased. Cleaning the mattress topper properly is easier when you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and maintain them accordingly.

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