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How to make a magnet for magnet fishing

Author: Robert Boos
by Robert Boos
Posted: Jun 13, 2019
magnet fishing

Are you planning to go to magnet fishing? Like any other type or sort of fishing there some things, gears and technique that you must have for a successful process.

In magnet fishing, you require a magnet. While there are many types of magnets, it doesn’t imply that you can just pick any magnet and go magnet fishing. Am very it won’t work in one or the other way.

So, how can you go about it? To increase your chances of success, you have to build your own magnet. Though there are ready mage magnet fishing systems, knowing how to make one of your own is very fundamental. This will be an ideal way to make something customizable and the one tailored your needs.

However, making your own magnet can be a challenge. That is why we have taken our time, researched and come with a simple step by step guide on how to build your own system for magnet fishing. These simple and straightforward steps are very easy to follow. So, don’t panic.

Ok, without squandering your valuable time, let us directly dive into it.

The requirements

Remember, your magnet system will be a compilation of a few things. In this section, I explain the things you need and why before giving you the step by step guides. Well, let us see.

1. Gloves

The first thing you need is gloves. This is to protect your hands and keep them safe from toxic chemicals that you will be using along with the procedure.

2. Wood

Are you wondering where you will use wood? Hold on, you will see. The wood will be used for making a carrying case, or storage container, the way you can call it.

3. Rope

You can have a 100feet rope. Be sure to choose a rope that can fit your system. The one that can support some few pounds of metals that will be trapped in addition to the weight of magnet itself.

4. Magnet

This is a crucial part of our system. It is what will make the system. For this, you can buy a 150-pound magnet. That is ok for the process.

5. Plasticine

It will be used to cover the magnet. Remember the magnet will be subjected to water, and covering it in Plasticine will make it waterproof thus free from rusting or corroding.

6. Two sizable container

Get two tines to the size of the magnet. One will be used to hold the plastic while the other will be used when building the carry case

The procedure

After collecting and ensuring that the above things are in place, then it is time to kick off. Follow the below procedure to have a stronger and reliable magnet fishing system at the end.

1. Wear gloves

The first step is to wear your gloves before handing anything.

2. Unpack your magnet

Remove the magnet from the shipping box and then place it at a safer place

3. Open the bottle of Plasticine

Then open the Plasticine container and pour it in one sizable tin.

4. Dip your magnet inside the plastic

Place your magnet inside the plastic and wait for some time. You can wait for about 30 minutes and then remove it. Place it on the Sun and wait for it to dry.

Repeat this step, until there is a thick cover of Plasticine around the magnet.

5. Tie your rope

Hopefully, your magnet has come with a handle or magnet retrieval tool. If, so tie the rope and ensure it is well fixed.

If it doesn’t have a magnet retrieval tool ask from your supplier.

6. Make the carry case

Cut the wood into the sizable and portable measure. Using the remaining sizable tine, attach it on the wood, screw it.use short, and thin screws to avoid breaking the wood or tin.

Last note

With all these simple steps, what you will have at the end is a strong and reliable magnet that will serve you for years to come. Though this relies on a number of factors which I will not cover in this article. Maybe in the other one.

All in all, enjoy your magnet fishing picnic.

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Robert is a blogger and writer. He loves to share her experiences with others.

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